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Alien: Covenant Rick and Morty is a short video released on 13 May 2017. It is a crossover between Rick and Morty and Alien: Covenant film.


Rick and Morty receive a distress signal. Rick wants to ignore it, but Morty persuades him to help those people. They board the ship that sent the signal. The ship is deserted and there are only some eggs. Morty wants to leave but Rick is attacked by Facehugger. Fortunately, the Facehugger is killed by drugs and alcohol in Rick's body. Morty says that Rick is lucky to drink alcohol and do drugs.




343 Rick (Facehugger) - GameStop

  • The opening is similar to Auto Erotic Assimilation although Rick's attitude is different.
  • Whole video is a crossover with Alien franchise. It is largely set on Engineer's starship. There are alien eggs seen and Rick is attacked by facehuggers.
  • Existence of facehuggers was already mentioned by Rick in Auto Erotic Assimilation
  • Funko released a POP! Vinyl figure of Rick attempting to peel a Facehugger off his face an exclusive release for GameStop 


View a full transcript of this episode here.


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