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  • (Distress beacon alert chimes)
  • Rick Sanchez: Morty, can you hit that ignore button on that?
  • Morty Smith: What? I'm not hitting that ignore button, Rick. We're going to help those people in distress.
  • Rick Sanchez: (Groans)
  • [Rick makes a sharp turn]
  • Morty Smith: Well, what do you think when do, Rick? We're just ignore the call?
  • [Trans. flying toward S.S. Engineer's starship]
  • [Trans. Morty and Rick entering corridor. Rick is holding a flashlight]
  • Morty Smith: Huh? You know m-m-maybe we should take off. This doesn't look like anything going on here.
  • Rick Sanchez: (Sarcastically) No, Morty, no. We have to help people.
  • [Rick gets cut off my a facehugger as it jumps onto Rick's face, attaching to him. Rick lets go of the torch, kneels down, and frantically tries to remove the alien by pulling on its tail, while his muffled yelling can be heard]
  • Morty Smith: Oh, my god! It's one of those facehuggers from the alien movie!
  • [Rick finally removes the facehugger as it leaves green goop on Ricks face. It screeches and goes limp.]
  • Rick Sanchez: (Coughs)
  • [Rick, still holding the facehugger, grabs a device from his pocket and watches it as it scans the alien and beeps.]
  • Morty Smith: Holy crap. I think it's dead.
  • [Rick gets back up and drops the facehugger]
  • Rich Sanchez: Oh, god, Morty, it died of toxicity due to all the drugs and alcohol swirling about my system.
  • Morty Smith: Wow, Rick, you know they say don't do drugs but, I think this might be a case for 'em.
  • Rick Sanchez: And alcohol, Morty.
  • Morty Smith: Yeah, and alcohol.
  • Rick Sanchez: Somebody get a memo to all the characters in those alien movies stat.
  • Morty Smith: Yeah, no kidding. You know never I thought I say this. Thank god you drink those drugs and alcohol, you know.
  • Rick Sanchez: Morty, you don't drink drugs.
  • Morty Smith: Well, whatever! I don't know, I'm innocent!