Amfiddians are large, 3-eyed, fish-like beings that exist in the world of Rick and Morty.


Amfiddians have a distinct fish-like appearance with a notable dorsal fin on the back of their head, three eyes, short height, and fin-like hands and feet. They have scaly skin, mainly seen in murky green and red color. They wear both pants and jackets/vests, but not shoes.


An Amfiddian was playing an arcade game at Blips and Chitz while Morty was playing Roy: A Life Well Lived, in "Mortynight Run".

Two Amfiddians was later seen at the wedding of Birdperson and Tammy on Planet Squanch in "The Wedding Squanchers". It's not known if they escaped or were shot by the Galactic Federation.


  • Their name is an obvious pun on the term Amphibian.
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