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Amish Cyborg was a fake persona taken by an Alien Parasite. He appeared in the episode Total Rickall. He was shot and killed by Rick while fleeing from him in the kitchen.


Amish Cyborg is an old, Amish man with a big black beard and sideburns who wears a black hat, a white shirt, brown jeans, held up by suspenders, and black shoes. He has one robotic leg and an arm, the latter having the head of a shovel at the end. Half of his face is also robotic, with two red circular lights in the place of his eye, and a robotic cover over his mouth, with green lights on it that go up and down when he talks. He is often referred to as Hamborg by his close friend Hamurai.


A silly and nonsensical character. In his case, making an Amish man into a cyborg, when the Amish are a community known for refusing the conveniences of modern technology, is essentially an oxymoron in itself.


  • He is the only strange silly character to not instantly turn into a Parasite onscreen.

Amish Cyborg was supposed to turn into a parasite