Bepisians are an alien species often seen throughout the Universe.


They had at some point been visited by Shrimply Pibbles, the galaxy's most influential civil rights leader, suggesting they have experienced oppression or great misfortune in the past.

Several Bepisians worked as security guards at St. Gloopy Noops Hospital during the time of Shrimply Pibbles' stay and kept the crowd at bay when Jerry Smith attempted to go back on his promise of donating his penis to replace Pibbles' heart.



A Bepisian athlete on Earth

Bepisians are a furry one-eyed alien species of different colors. They appear to be similar built as humans, with two arms, two legs and one head. However, most of their head is occupied by their one giant eye, which has three dots on both sides of their iris. They also appear to be a lot stronger and faster than humans; easily breaking Olympic records as if it was nothing.[1]



  • Their name is likely a reference to the word "Bepis", a popularized mispronunciation of the word "penis", which then gained its own (undefined and ever changing) meaning.


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