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Bill is a minor one-time character that appears in the episode "Lawnmower Dog".


As an unnamed female newscaster is reporting on the downfall of humanity and the uprising of dogs, Bill and an unnamed Bull dog come in the news lady screams and says "Please don't kill me" Bill then puts a mussel on the News Lady, The News Lady tries to say something but is muffled the Bulldog asks "What do think she's saying Bill?" Bill answers "I think she's saying I love lasagna". Bill is never seen nor mentioned in the series. However ,before the dog uprising Bill's superior is seen in the Smith home with two Doberman Pinschers, one of which could have possibly been Bill. Since Bill's only known appearance is in Snuffles' dream, it is possiblle that he only exists in Snuffles' dream and not even be real or he could've been real and left earth along with Snuffles and the other dogs.

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