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Bird People are a recurring species of humanoid alien birds in Rick and Morty that are a direct parody of the Tangata Manu people from the Buck Rogers series. The most prominent of the bird people is Birdperson, a close friend of Rick's, who was, along with him, part of a team of rebels that fought against the Galactic Federation, and a major supporting character in the series, who has received plenty of critical acclaim from fans.


Their home world was introduced in the episode "Get Schwifty". It is an organic planet that, according to Birdperson, mainly relies on farming and other ethical forms of survival. It also has plenty of technology, and a stable, peaceful environment from what has been seen of it so far.

Their planet was at one point in Birdperson's youth invaded by Gromflomites, but the Galactic Federation appear to have lost control over the planet following the Battle of Blood Ridge.



Bird People greatly resemble Humans with additional avian features. They have two giant bird-like wings on their backs, which resembles a cape when not in use. They also possess speckled feathers on their wings and heads in various dully-colored shades, though the tips of their wings tend to have darker-colored feathers. In addition, they are generally fair-skinned and possess downturned noses.


Bird People's diet closely resemble that of regular birds, with grains and seed being among the main food categories. Nightcrawler paté was served in Birdperson's wedding. Parental Bird People feed their infant children by chewing food and regurgitating it into their child's mouth.


According to Birdperson; Bird People regard naming as a form of cage, implying that Bird People do not have names. Despite this, they do appear to name each other using sounds, as Tammy Guterman whistled a sound to Summer Smith when she asked about Birdperson's last name.

Like birds, Bird People have mating seasons, but not all Bird People are successful during said season. Bird People's version of engagement rings have other items attached instead of gems, like pinecones. Bird People form soul bonds with their spirit mates, but these relationships can also be broken. Weddings may also be a part of Bird People culture.

Bird People also speak their own language, though the rules of the language are unknown. In addition to whistling, it also has parts closer to Human language. The phrase, "Wubba Lubba dub-dub," translates to "I am in great pain, please help me." in Bird People's tongue.