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Bird World is the planet where Birdperson lives. TV-signals from Earth take 20 years to reach this planet, meaning it's 20 light-years away from Earth.


The Gromflomites and the Galactic Federation invaded Bird World during Birdperson's youth. The Galactic Federation kept the native population oppressed during their rule over the planet; a rule that ended following the Battle of Blood Ridge, where the Galactic Federation suffered a great loss. The planet returned to a more normal state where Bird People could live without fear of Gromflomites.

Birdperson made mention of his homeplanet during his visit to the Smith Residence in "Ricksy Business", and received a visit from Morty Smith in "Get Schwifty". Parts of Bird World was shown as memories during Rick's trip through Birdperson's mind in "Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort".


Bird World is known to be an organic planet filled with wildlife. The planet is covered with water, rocks and earth. Bird People are known to live in wooden structures often incorporated into trees, but do possess technology like TV. There are also cities on Bird World that look similar to cities on Earth, but their versions of buildings often have trees incorporated into them or growing out of them.


Bird culture is a lot similar to Human culture, but with certain variations; often connected to their bird-part. Bird People primarily eat grains, seed and worms, and have worm ranches around on the planet. When sending messages they may tend to use robotic eggs with holographic messages, or it is technology by Tammy. In Bird culture, mate-melding is the equivalent of marriage on Earth.

The famous Birding Manapalooza Flargablarg music festival might have taken place on Bird World, based on its bird-themed name and decorations. A comedy club called "Bird Flappers" might also have been located on Bird World, where Squanchy performed terrible standup for a short period.


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