Bliznarvians are an alien race that appear in the Rick and Morty universe.


One can be seen in the Galactic Federation Prison, in the episode The Rickshank Rickdemption, having abducted a Morty and attempting to fly away before being shot to bits.

Blurtfeed made a video called "How To Keep Your Hordes of Offspring at Bay", addressed toward Bliznarvians.


Bliznarvians are an insectoid race. They are similar to the Laarvians but unlike them, Bliznarvians look a lot more menacing. Their arms are similar to that of Gromflomites but are much much smaller. Their skin color is mostly a pale shade of green with some darker green skin on the hands and feet. They also have very huge eyes that look strained as their eyes are mostly reddish brown with greenish blue irises. Their mouth is located between their eyes with the top jaw consisting of two fangs and the lower jaw consisting of four fangs and the color of their gums is purple.


Bliznarvian larva

Bliznarvian larva eating paper towel rolls

Bliznarvian culture arround offsprings is harsh and often deadly. Bliznarvians are known to eat their weak larva to establish dominance among their remaining offsprings. Deadly traps are often used to keep the larva from entering certain areas. To a Bliznarvian parent, being feared by their larva is valued above being loved.

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