Blue Ape Aliens are an alien species appearing in the Rick and Morty Universe. They made their only appearance in The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy. Their history was that they were in a war with an unnamed alien species but lost that war and were enslaved after Rick Sanchez gave their enemies advanced weaponry to win the war with. As a result, these aliens were forced to serve as the staff in the immortality field amusement park.


The Blue Ape Aliens are aliens who have a simian appearance. They have two eyes, a mouth with a fang slightly protruding from the lower jaw and two appendages on their heads that look like bonsai trees. A lot of their body is covered in light blue fur and they have a tail that has a small white puff ball at the end. They are bipedal. Their blood color is pink.

Notable Members


  • Their design was based on 80′s plushie vibe like Care Bears.
  • Their original name on storyboard was "Native Alien Race"
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