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Hoovy? Dinner's ready!
—Bova's final words to Hoovy

Bova is a character who appeared in "Mort Dinner Rick Andre".


She and her husband Hoovy lived in a cottage within a forest of the planet in the Narnia Dimension, where time moved much faster compared to the Replacement Dimension. Rick Sanchez would use this passage of time to quickly age alcohol by decades.

With Hoovy, she conceived a son named Japheth, who was born during Hoovy's travel to the Earth of the Replacement dimension, leading the two to believe he had abandoned them. Eventually, she passed away and her corpse remained sitting upright in a rocking chair inside the cottage for years.


  • Her name seems to be a reference to the eponymous Marvel Comics character, who is also a humanoid cow.
  • Bova's death and reveal is likely a reference to Norma Louise Bates from Alfred Hitchcock's horror classic Psycho, who also was denied proper burial and left decaying in a wooden chair.