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Bradley "Brad" K.[1] is a recurring character in Rick and Morty and Jessica's ex-boyfriend. He is a student at Harry Herpson High School, along with Morty and Summer. He is a jock who plays varsity for the high school's football team, the Harry Herpson Herpsons. He is also a part of the boxing club and an organization called Young Leaders of America.


In the opening of the episode "Rick Potion No. 9", while Morty is attempting to ask Jessica to the annual Flu Season Dance, Brad intervenes, asking what Morty is doing. Morty hesitates to answer, and is stopped by Brad then realizing and expressing confusion that Morty is attempting to talk to Jessica. The reason for this being that he believes her to be "way out of his league", telling him as much. Establishing this, he then ironically humbles himself, saying that even he doesn't go to a bigger school in a wealthier district and hit on their "prettiest girl". Jessica sarcastically thanks him for this, to which Brad replies that if she wanted good words, she should've dated a "languager", reiterating that his talents are in sports. He is later mentioned by Jerry while trying to cheer up a discouraged Morty, saying that he'll have a chance when Brad is out of shape.

Later, while attending the dance, he does a spit-take when he hears Morty proclaim his ("shared") love to an infected Jessica (see: Rick's love potion) embracing Morty intimately. Brad crushes his cup in anger, and pushes Morty away from Jessica, asking if "this punk" is bothering her. Jessica yells at Brad to leave Morty alone, calling him a jerk and saying she's in love with Morty. She gets in Brad's face to exclaim that Morty is more of a man than Brad will ever be, then promptly sneezing into his mouth. This sends her infected cold flu particles down Brad's throat, promptly infecting him. As she does this, Brad appears saddened.

In his infatuated state, he apologizes to Morty. When Morty accepts this, Brad pulls Morty close, saying that there is something very special about Morty, then grabbing his rear. Morty pushes Brad away, telling him to take it easy. He is then grabbed by both arms by Brad and Jessica, tugging him between them. Brad saying he "wants to be with his man" while Jessica wants Brad to get his hands off of him. This tussle is stopped by Gene Vagina and Mr. Goldenfold. Vagina reasoning that he didn't want Brad injuring his "ball-throwing arm". As he is dragged away, he wails for Morty desperately, sneezing profusely and sending particles into the air vents and punch bowl. This infects the entire dance, and then the world. In the end, this version of him became a Cronenberg in the Cronenberged dimension.

His second appearance is in "Ricksy Business", where he (along with Jared Herron and Ed Delaney) had been invited to the party by Summer. It's unknown if this was before or after Jessica. Summer opens the door to greet him happily, to which he responds with a simple, "yo" not looking at her. Upon hearing that Brad was there, Tammy asks Holly Hooks to quickly make her hair look drunk. She poses confidently as Brad passes, who observes this positively.

Later on, while searching for Rick, Abrodolph Lincoler bumps into Brad's back while he's drinking and speaking to Jessica. Morty can be seen behind Jessica as well, though whether or not he was included in the previous conversation is unclear. Brad, slightly disturbed, asks him what he's doing. Lincoler responds that he has no quarrel with him, calling him a "boy". Brad repeats this phrase, now absolutely offended. He asks Lincoler what that's supposed to mean, highlighting his minority status and pushing Lincoler back. Jessica holds her arms up and gawks in shock. Brad stares Lincoler down expectantly, as Lincoler struggles to answer tactfully, stating that he doesn't know how Brad "thought he meant it", then trailing off. He looks at Rick for help, who passes, telling him not to look at him. Lincoler attempts to appeal to Brad by stating that he is half Abraham Lincoln, but this only succeeds in angering Brad further, who sarcastically answers back that this means he should "get on his knees and kiss his ass". Lincoler answers that Brad should not, "...but, y'know". Brad asks, "what do I know?" and answers, "that the Third Reich will reign for a thousand years?" Jessica interjects, telling Brad to leave Lincoler alone. This only succeeds in having Brad turn his ire toward her, telling her to stay out of it. (A parallel to the scene in S1E6 where an infected Jessica yelled at Brad.) Rick yells for Brad to "kick his ass" causing the crowd around them to chant the same. Brad throws down his cup, and punches him in the face with his left fist and then in the center torso with his right. He then wraps his hands around Lincoler's kneck to knee him in the face, then punches him again with his left as Lincoler falls to the floor, and is jumped on by Brad. Jessica, horrified, yells his name, before running out of the house.

Outside on the front steps, Jessica is joined by Morty, who apologizes on Rick's behalf for his choice of company. Jessica ignores this, beginning to vent angrily about Brad instead. She calls him a jerk who is "always trying to prove what a man he is". (A callback to her comparing Brad to Morty in S1E6.) She then says that she wishes she could find somebody nice and sweet. Later on, the results of Brad's beating can be seen with Lincoler, who approaches Rick, Morty, and Summer generally to ask for aspirin as he holds a cold canned beverage to the side his head. Upon his arrival, Rick happily states that Morty can take Lincoler with him on his way to find Kalaxian crystals. Lincoler initially declines, stating that he's not going anywhere due to his injuries. Rick tells Lincoler to shut up, and sends him away, telling him it's the least he can do for wrecking the living room.

Later, while Rick is riding the high of the Kalaxian crystals, Brad (with his friends) is a happy member of "The Rick Dance". When the house is teleported back to its original dimension, Brad leaves with his arm around Jessica's shoulders, her hand on his forearm while looking up at him. They are both smiling. Morty seeing this, gawks, shocked and disappointed. It can be assumed they went to Squanchy's continuation of the party at his place, though they may also have just left.

In the episode "Rest and Ricklaxation", Tricia Lange talks to Jessica about Brad at her locker, inquiring after hearing that Jessica is newly single. (It is unclear who broke up with who, or if it was mutual, but Jessica seems unbothered, or at least okay to discuss things.) Holly Hooks asks who Jessica is going to date now that she can date whoever she wants. Jessica answers that she doesn't really know, but wants someone very special who she hasn't even remotely considered in the past. At the end of the episode, Tricia asks about Jessica's "date" with Brad. Jessica objects that it wasn't a date, saying that they just got lunch. Holly Hooks predicts that they're going to get back together.

In the episode, "The ABC's of Beth", Brad makes a cameo having lunch with Cynthia at the same restaurant as Jerry, his date Kiara, Morty, and Summer. It is interrupted by the fight between the Varrix and Kiara, though Brad shows little to no reaction outside of sighting it and frowning.

In the post-credits scene of the episode "Amortycan Grickfitti", Brad is sitting in the cafeteria next to Bruce Chutback and Tricia Lange. He's in the middle of a conversation with him, smiling and enthusiastically complimenting Bruce on his "coolness". He asks him what his secret is, to which Bruce answers, "Y'know, just be cool." As they talk, an unhappy Morty (with an icee) and Summer stand in a corner, watching Bruce. Sharon Lewis then points at Bruce's pants, bringing to light that Bruce wore those same pants the day before. Everyone around Bruce looks down at his pants in dismay, realizing she's right. Bruce rushes out of the cafeteria in shame, as Timmy Timtim calls after him, "Hey! Goin' home to not change your pants? Bruce Chutpants!" Brad laughs with the others, holding a hand to his stomach.


Brad is a dark skinned, tall, skinny, teenage male with a short black fade, thin mustache, and goatee. He has small, white circular earrings on both ears, and wears a red shirt with a dark green varsity jacket with white sleeves with light green lining. He wears form fitting dark grey pants and red shoes with white accents.


Brad's character is based on the archetypal jock. He is sports focused, rude, and (according to Jessica) picks fights with other people for social clout and to assert his own sense of dominance and masculinity. Like many characters in Rick and Morty, Brad is also more than the stereotype he was crafted from. He is very honest with his opinions, and views the world in absolutes defined by class hierarchy (at least in terms of high school) that people should inherently know to follow. He believes that Jessica is the best partner that is available to him and because he is the best or among the best suitors in Harry Herpson High School, that is why he deserves her, explaining his possessiveness. Though this negatively affects his relationship with her, she stays for unspecified reasons. During the Flu Season Dance, his protectiveness can be seen, as even though Jessica is clearly embracing Morty, it is only upon Morty's declaration of love that he intervenes, and pushes Morty away. Not getting angry with Jessica, and focusing on her wellbeing in the situation.

Although his use of the word "languager" implies a limited/simple vocabulary, it's not an accurate reflection of his intelligence. He directly tells Jessica that she is dating a jock, and if she wanted someone who could communicate what he was saying (that he would never date someone outside of his own league) in a nicer way, she should date someone who would do that for her. This advice is seen paid off in "Ricksy Business", where she ends up choosing him despite expressing to Morty she wanted someone different than Brad. Further, when Brad is having his altercation with Abradolf Lincoler in the same episode, he controls the conversation and successfully makes his points, even citing the mission statement of the Third Reich. Brad is aware of his position and uses the tools available to keep that position, though emotions do get in the way of that.

He is implied to be well liked by his peers, as characters attending the school seem to either want his attention (Summer and Tammy), or appreciate his athletic achievements (Principal Vagina).

Episode Appearances

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  • So far, Brad has only appeared every other season.
  • Brad share's the same first initial of his last name with his voice actor, Echo Kellum.
  • According to "The Art of Rick and Morty" Brad was originally designed as "this typical white jock bully character". This was later changed when Echo Kellum auditioned for the role, having "definitely the funniest audition by far".
  • Brad appears in the Rickstaverse comic, Holy Holes, buying fake weed from Morty. He is described as a senior.
  • As Jessica's relationship status in the episode "Rest and Ricklaxation" has special focus on it, it can be speculated that the times Jessica has engaged romantically with Morty up until that point (such as in "Pilot" and "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez") have been her being unfaithful to Brad.
  • Brad and Jessica appear together in the "Rick and Morty Character Guide" on page 114 (Morty's 2020 yearbook). Jessica wrote that it was "a good photo of herself", commenting on a photo of herself and Brad.
    • Brad and Jessica were voted Favorite Class Couple.
    • Brad was voted "Most Likely to Figure It Out In College".
    • Brad's quote was one from Maya Angelou, "My mission in life is not to merely survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style".
  • While Brad is in an organization called Young Leaders of America, Christina LaCroix is a part of a similar organization called Junior Leaders of America.



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