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Of all the Ricks in the Central Finite Curve, you’re the malcontent. The rogue.
—Rick Council Member to C-137 Rick[src]

The Central Finite Curve is an unknown, defined portion of the multiverse, where most, if not all Ricks reside.[1]

Known Dimensions within/close to curve

  • C-137 (or C-137 Rick's origin dimension if stated otherwise) - within
  • Simple Rick's origin dimension - 16 iterations off
  • Rick C-137 D&D dimension - Somewhere off the Central Finite Curve


Nominal Explanation

Screenshot 2019-09-30 at 9.26.07 AM.png

A more simple model based on information given in the comic, which has questionable canonity is that it is a simple categorisation of a universe having a Rick and working Eco-system. This contradicts information given in the show as Simple Rick is stated to be 60 iterations of it despite fulfilling both criteria.

The Circle Explanation

Central Finite Curve, in this model, would be a set portion of a circle.

A model often used to explain is that the definition of the Central Finite Curve has no set parameters, it just wholly random and infinite therefore can be represented as a repeating, immeasurable shape modelled with a circle. The Central Finite Curve would then present the a finite collection of dimensions, or infinite when there are multiple circles. Rick's frequency rank each other in terms of 'Rickness' and number of iteration of himself from an undefined point.