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Of all the Ricks in the Central Finite Curve, you’re the malcontent. The rogue.
—Rick Council Member to C-137 Rick[src]
The Central Finite Curve is a defined portion of the multiverse, where C-137 Rick and an unknown number of others are said to originate.[1]

Known Dimensions within/close to curve

  • C-137 (or C-137 Rick's origin dimension if stated otherwise) - within
  • Simple Rick's origin dimension - 16 iterations off
  • Rick C-137 D&D dimension - Somewhere off the Central Finite Curve

Definition and Speculation

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The Central Finite Curve is a group of dimensions with each dimension having a functioning ecosystem and its own functional Rick entity. It can therefore be assumed that any dimension that has, or previously had, a Rick, is part of the Central Finite Curve.

The Council of Ricks are the only group who reference or use this term throughout the entirety of the show, except for Rick in the comics, therefore we can assume that they have come up with the term based on their knowledge of multi-versal travel.

It is possibly based on a section of a circle, as circles are mathematically infinite.


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