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Do you know what the Central Finite Curve is? They built a wall around infinity, separated all the infinite universes from all the infinite universes where he’s the smartest man in the universe. Every version of us has spent every version of all of our lives in one infinite crib, built around an infinite fucking baby.
Evil Morty[src]

The Central Finite Curve is a defined portion of the multiverse, where most, if not all, Ricks present in the series reside.[1]

The Central Finite Curve was designed by the precursors of what would later become the Council of Ricks on The Citadel to wall off the infinite amount of universes in which Rick is the smartest person alive from the rest of the infinite multiverse.

After President Morty breached the Curve and accessed the true multiverse and despite a hologram he activated from his wrist showing all of the universes that make up the Curve popping and disappearing in "Rickmurai Jack", it is currently unknown what the exact fate of the Curve is following these events. The Central Finite Curve was possibly built long before Rick C-137 constructed his Portal Gun.

Known Dimensions within/close to curve

  • C-137 (Or C-137 Rick's origin dimension if stated otherwise) - within
  • Simple Rick's origin dimension - 16 iterations off
  • Rick C-137 D&D dimension - Somewhere off the Central Finite Curve



In the wake of losing his wife and daughter to a bombing by an evil Rick, C-137 became consumed with finding his evil doppelgänger and eventually succeeded in creating the first Portal-Gun, allowing him access to the infinite multiverse and all the worlds beyond. For years, C-137 rampaged across the multiverse killing every other Rick he could find but never finding the one he sought. In doing so, he also took the opportunity to expand his intellect along the way by scanning and absorbing vast amounts of knowledge from numerous alien worlds into his brain until he became one of the smartest and most dominant beings in all of existence but not the smartest overall.

Finally, after decades of hunting and killing, C-137 could take no more and signed a peace-treaty with a congregation of his counterparts, part of which involved the construction of a massive, hyper-metropolis space-station called the Citadel of Ricks to serve as a home for all the Ricks and Mortys in the multiverse. Unbeknownst to the Mortys however, C-137 and the fledgling Council of Ricks took things a step further by creating what became known as "The Central Finite Curve". Using an advanced variation of their portal-gun technology, they built a massive machine underneath the Citadel of Ricks designed to lock out travel to or from any universe, within the multiverse, in which Rick himself was not the dominant lifeform and in which he was not the smartest being alive, ensuring that all Ricks and Mortys could only travel to universes within the Central Finite Curve, universes where Rick was always guaranteed to be the most dominant and the smartest being alive. In essence, the Ricks separated out every universe in which Rick was on top of the food chain and isolated themselves and the Mortys within that collection of universes from the rest of the multiverse at large, thereby perpetuating the myth among the Mortys, their families and all the alien races they encountered that Rick was the smartest being alive. Eventually, relations between C-137 and the rest of the Ricks soured and he abandoned the Citadel to go and live with an alternate, grown up version of his dead daughter but kept the secret of the Central Finite Curve his entire life.


Nominal Explanation

Screenshot 2019-09-30 at 9.26.07 AM.png

A more simple model based on information given in the comic, which has questionable canonicity is that it is a simple categorization of a universe having a Rick and working Eco-system. This contradicts information given in the show as Simple Rick is stated to be 16 iterations off it despite fulfilling both criteria.

The Circle Explanation

Central Finite Curve, in this model, would be a set portion of a circle.

A model often used to explain is that the definition of the Central Finite Curve has no set parameters; it's just wholly random and infinite therefore can be represented as a repeating, immeasurable shape modeled with a circle. The Central Finite Curve would then present the a finite collection of dimensions, or infinite when there are multiple circles. Rick's frequency rank each other in terms of Rickness and number of iteration of himself from an undefined point.