Community is a situational comedy series on NBC, created by Dan Harmon, known also as being the co-creator of Rick and Morty. The show has received a cult following and widespread critical acclaim for its meta-commentary, parodies, and subversions of common TV cliches and tropes.

Community in Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty community
In "Auto Erotic Assimilation", Rick and Unity watch an alien version of Community on TV. Rick asks Unity to have the characters do various things Community is known for, including specific call-outs to Troy Barnes, Britta Perry, and Jeff Winger. At one point he calls out "Now cancel it! Okay, now put it back on!" referencing to the show's brief and abrupt cancellation after its fifth season but subsequent renewal for Yahoo Screen!

Rick and Morty in Community

In "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking", Abed and Rachel are seen watching an episode of Rick and Morty.

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