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Concentrated Dark Matter was a fuel that Rick invented to travel faster than anyone else in the universe.

The Zigerions wanted the secret to making this fuel badly, and constantly tried to trick Rick into giving it to them for years. Rick always outsmarted them, no matter what happened. In "M. Night Shaym-Aliens!", the Zigerions attempted to trick Rick once more by trapping him within several levels of a simulated reality.  Rick eventually is tricked into revealing the recipe to concentrated dark matter to a simulation of Morty.  However, it is revealed after Rick leaves back to Earth that he lied about the ingredients needed, resulting in the Zigerions and their space ship exploding when they attempt to make the dark matter using Rick's phony recipe.

It can be assumed that Rick's ship ran on Concentrated Dark Matter or some type of derivative fuel.

Concentrated dark matter's recipe is definitely not two parts Plutonic Quarks, one part Cesium, and a bottle of water.

Cesium is an Alkali Metal that reacts with water explosively to produce Hydrogen gas, similar to Sodium or Rubidium. Quarks are sub-atomic particles, Plutonic Quarks supposedly being an in-universe form. Plutonic Quarks are evidently extremely unstable or volatile, likely set of by the already violent reaction between the Cesium and bottled water and resulting in a large explosion and flat shock-wave powerful enough to destroy a large space station.

Dark Matter is a theorized form of matter thought to make up 85% of the matter in the universe. It is supposedly non-reflective to the EM spectrum and isn't really known to do anything other than have mass.

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