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This article is about The girl on The Bachelor. You may be looking for The alien from M-Night Shaym-Aliens!.

Cynthia is a character who appeared in the episode Rixty Minutes. She is a contestant on The Bachelor.


The original Cynthia presumably became a Cronenberg in Dimension C-137.

Cynthia is a girl who first appeared in the episode Rixty Minutes, as a contestant on The Bachelor, who had apparently made it to the final two. When the bachelor was about to choose her, he quickly switched over the other girl, much to the dismay of Summer and to the enlightenment of Beth and Jerry who were all watching the series, along with the indifferent feeling Rick and Morty. The next shot showing the TV, showed Cynthia on screen, crying. Either she or someone who looks like her is also seen in "Something Rick this way comes" making advances to Mr. Goldenfold after an aftershave makes women want him and in "Close Rick-counters of the Rick kind" having sex with Rick, then turning into a monster.

She appeared again in the episode Something Ricked This Way Comes as one of the girls following Mr. Goldenfold, after he had wished to become irresistable to women.

She appeared again in the episode Ricksy Business. When Abradolf Lincler made his first appearance, Cynthia was seen in the background.

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