Da’hou Ungherstahnk is a Flansian that works at LonelyPortal and writes articles for aliens traveling to new planets.


She wrote an article for LonelyPortal about the different religions aliens would encounter on the planet Earth, which was the newest member of the Galactic Federation. While traversing through her list, she claimed: one of the largest religions to be "Chris T. Anity" (Christianity) and confused Jesus with Harry Potter; "Judyism" (Judaism) to be a cult about wearing tiny hats; "Church of Fandom" to be the largest and most diverse religion with an endless option of deities to worship and scriptures (novels, movies, games) to follow; "Veganism" to be the most violent and destructive sect on Earth; and "The Bees", whom all must hail.


  • The article was made available on the FedConnect website.
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