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Daphne is an alien hailing from the planet Morglutz. Following the destruction of her world, she is now the last living Morglutzian.


When Rick and Summer arrive at planet, Morglutz. Rick finds himself attracted to Daphne, and goes off to have sex with her. Summer shouts after him to have fun and reminds him to not get attached.

While on route to the second dying planet, Slartivart, Summer realized Rick has taken Daphne with him, leaving her furious at the violation of the rules. Daphne is not bothered and continued to have sex with Rick in the car. While on Slartivart, Daphne and Rick partake in the orgy on the dying planet before leaving the planet. After the destruction of Slartivart, Summer struggles to ignore Rick and Daphne having sex in the back of the car. During a break, Daphne talks to Summer, revealing why Rick is so attracted to her: she has a pair of breasts on each of her elbows. Summer remains confident that Rick will dump her upon reaching the third planet, but Daphne casually disagrees with her before returning to Rick.

While on Ferkus 9, Daphne enjoys the planet-wide orgy before she and Rick dance together. Summer tries to dissuade him, telling him that Daphne is just using him for her own survival, which he denies. To prove it, Summer takes the ship and flies towards the asteroid about to crash into the planet, destroys it, and comes back down, asking Daphne if she will continue to stay with Rick now that they are no longer in danger. She casually dumps Rick now that her survival is assured, shocking Rick.


  • She always says "Hello", even though she can speak full sentences.
    • When dumping Rick, she says "Goodbye".
  • She told Summer that her elbow breasts, cause several men to go crazy and even started wars.
  • Daphne seems to be living on Ferkus 9, since it was saved from destruction.