The Defiance Doctor is an alien character who appeared in Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri. He is a doctor and a rebel member of The Defiance.


The defiance Doctor is the primary physician of Clone Beth as he tends to whatever wounds she suffers from the resurging Galactic Federation or any other threat. After one of her missions to steal intel from the galactic federation, Clone Beth sees the Doctor to tend to her wounds but the Doctor notices a proximity triggered device in her neck. He questions Clone Beth on her relationship with Rick Sanchez and tries to suggest that she take antidepressants. He proceeds to remove the device from Clobe Beth’s neck.


The Defiance Doctor is an alien from an unnamed species. he has blue skin, small patches of white hair on both sides of his face, and has a red cybernetic eye on where his right eye is and his normal left eye is colored green. His chin has notable wrinkles and is light blue in color. He wears a bean shaped robotic exoskeleton that is primarily painted orange and sports five arms that focus on surgical procedures. There is a glass cover on the exoskeleton that reveals huge part of his lower body. His lower body reveals that he is actually a small alien without the exoskeleton. He is bipedal as his legs and feet are both colored green and look frog like. Part of his belly is also revealed to be light blue skin like his chin. Judging from his cybernetic eye and robotic exoskeleton. The defiance doctor is considered a cyborg


  • It is implied that the defiance Doctor has depression as he is in possession of two pill prescriptions that he uses to elevate his mood with him suggesting one of these prescriptions to Clone Beth. Both of these pills are most likely some form of antidepressants as the doctor takes these pills to get through his insecurities about his own competence as a doctor.
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