Dimension 35-C is an alternate dimension that Rick and Morty visited in the Pilot episode.


Dimension 35-C consists of an alternate and highly bizarre version of Earth that is run by countless aliens. It is a very colorful world filled with a yellow sky, green clouds, and rock formations with eyes.

Several bizarre, strange-looking creatures inhabit the wilderness. One of them being a giant, spider-like creature that chased Rick and Morty. There is also a winged butt and what appears to be a blob of body parts.

Odd plants and indigo grass litter the surface. The only plant given a name was the Mega Tree, which highly resembled a man’s privates.

There is also at least one city with tall, futuristic buildings. There is also a town that appears to have been inspired by Dr. Seuss. The town has interdimensional customs run by the Galactic Federation.

Several planets, one closely resembling Saturn, as well as some asteroid fields, appear to be very close to this dimension's Earth, as they're clearly visible during the day. Dimension35clong


Rick and Morty went there in search of Mega Trees, which had fruit containing seeds that Rick considered extremely important to his research. Morty walked straight off a cliff and broke both of his legs, but Rick managed to heal them by visiting another dimension with more advanced medicine. Due to this trip, the portal gun was empty and they traveled back to Earth by interdimensional customs and Morty had to conceal the mega seeds up his butt. Before this, Rick and The Flesh Curtains had gone there as part of their world tour.


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