Dimension C-1239 is an alternate dimension introduced in the comic number 33. In this dimension, Beth is allergic to red wine, Summer is lesbian, and no Morty Smith ever existed.


Beth Sanchez grew up with an allergy to red wine, which kept her from developing alcoholism common among Beths. While she still became pregnant with her daughter Summer at the age of 17 years old, she never gave birth to a son named Morty at the age of 20 years old. Without her alcohol abuse, Beth was a more caring and loving mother towards the girl. She was present at all important events in the life of her only daughter Summer; which gave to Summer significant confidence in herself to accept her romantic feelings towards her best friend Christina.

Beth C-1239

Beth C-1239's profile in Rick's tablet

Summer Smith browsed different dimensions before coming upon this one, deeming it the dimension where she is popular and happy. Using Rick Sanchez's portal gun, she went to this dimension, knocked Summer (C-1239) out and took her identity. After spending the whole day with friends and reveling in her popularity, she soon found out this Summer is lesbian. Rick and Morty found her shortly after, before Summer (C-1239) returned to fight her attacker. Rick later clarified that this dimension is a "Beth dimension", due to all the events coming as a result of Beth's allergy to red wine.

Notable inhabitants


  • Since Beth was never an alcoholic, Morty does not exist in this universe.

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