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Dimension C-137 (pronounced "see one thirty-seven") is one of the many universes in the multiverse, and the original universe where the mainstream Rick was born and grew up. This is one of many dimensions where Rick's wife Diane and daughter Beth were killed when Beth was a child, and as a result, Summer and Morty never existed. Before it was revealed that the Rick and Morty we follow in the show are each from different dimensions, "Dimension C-137" was thought, including by Morty himself, to refer to the Cronenberged dimension where our Morty originated and the first six episodes of the TV series took place.


Dimension C-137 is first mentioned in "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind", by the Council of Ricks. Morty also refers to himself as "from Dimension C-137", unaware that he is not from the same dimension as Rick.


Dimension C-137 is briefly mentioned in "Mortynight Run", when Rick is asked to identify his home dimension for identification purposes when returning to pick up his Jerry. Because Jerry is not from Rick and Morty's home dimension of C-137, Rick marks him as "N/A". This might mean that Rick is (or was) uncertain of their current dimension's official alphanumeric identification.

Dimension C-137 is mentioned in "The Rickshank Rickdemption". When several Ricks from the Citadel capture Morty and Summer in the Cronenberged dimension, Morty identifies himself as "Morty C-137", which causes two of the Ricks to look at one another and take pause, likely because it is common knowledge there is no naturally occurring "Morty C-137" in existence. Other Council members again refer to Rick as "C-137", meaning Rick has been accurately (and intentionally) identifying himself as such.

Rick showed Cornvelious Daniel a "memory" taking place in Dimension C-137 after their detour for Szechuan sauce. While Rick was trying to invent the Portal Gun, an alternate Rick appeared from a dimension where he had already discovered interdimensional travel. His alternate self then allegedly offered to actively share the secrets of this fabled technology with Rick C-137. After some reflection, thinking the "Infinite Rick" life sounded lonely and unfulfilling, Rick C-137 refused and seemingly decided to forge his own destiny, or in his words to be "a different kind of Rick...", giving up on science to spend more time with his family. The alternate Rick seemed to be visibly offended at C-137's refusal, and likely sent a bomb through a green portal to kill him shortly thereafter. It may also been speculated that his intent was actually to kill Rick's wife Diane, and daughter Beth in a bid to force C-137 to change his mind. After the commercial break, Rick's younger self is then shown rapidly calculating the math required to complete the portal gun and inventing interdimensional travel. However, Rick then humorously claimed the entire sequence was a "totally fabricated origin story", and "the three lines of math" disclosed to the agent (and uploaded to his superiors) was actually a virus designed to take control of the outdated Brainalyzer. This statement was later shown to be only partially accurate.

Rick C-137's recollection of his childhood bedroom.

In "Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort", it was revealed that Rick came from a dimension where Beth died, meaning the Cronenberged dimension and Dimension C-137 are not the same. Dimension C-137 itself does not appear in any of Birdperson's memories from this episode since the Rick in most of Birdperson's memories was from yet another dimension identical to C-137. It makes its first appearance at the end of the episode, within Rick's memory of his childhood.

When Morty views Rick's brain scan in "Rickmurai Jack", it confirms that most of the events from Rick's "totally fabricated" brainalyzed memory sequence in "The Rickshank Rickdemption" did in fact happen, and the only difference from the fabrication was that after Diane and Beth died, Rick did not immediately invent the portal gun, but instead went in an ambulance to heal his wounds from the explosion. Afterward, Rick lived by himself for some time before shaking off the trauma and deciding to finish the portal gun on his own terms.


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Episode notes

Cultural references

  • Rick's family home where Beth C-137 grew up appears to be drawn with a strikingly similar appearance to "The White Residence" residence from Breaking Bad, though the address numbers are not consistent between the two households.
    • Other relevant parallels can also be drawn, as the main protagonists in both series display a profound interest in hard sciences, are married to blonde women, and are eventually driven to become callous anti-heroes by forces outside of their control.


  • Rule 137C is a rule referenced in lines of dialogue in the game Poker Night 2, released April, 2013, over 8 months before Rick and Morty's first episode was released. The character Winslow explains the rule as follows: "When a player purchases and deploys a set of felts, decks, and chips of a similar theme, the current management of the Inventory will be obliged to spare no expense in decorating the Inventory in a style commensurate with that theme."
    • This rule is mentioned again when deploying other in-game poker sets, including the Sam & Max 25th Anniversary Set. "Sam: Great gallifrey, Max! It looks like our past is spilling out all over the Inventory! Winslow: That's right, Sam! Thanks to Rule 137C, the Inventory is legally obligated to celebrate 25 years of Sam and Max shenanigans in grandiose style! Max: I have no idea what all those words mean."
  • C-137 may be a either a reference to Caesium-137, a radioactive isotope of caesium that has been produced by nuclear bomb tests in the past, or the fine structure constant (1/137) which is a fundamental constant in physics that quantifies the strength of the electromagnetic interaction between elementary charged particles.


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