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Wouldn't you want to get home if you ended up stranded in this place? I'd be out of my mind to get out of there.
—-Justin Roiland

Dog World was a series pitch in 2014 created by Justin Roiland for Cartoon Network, with writing help from Ryan Ridley. Although he had many plans for the series, production "was moving forward about as fast as a redwood tree grows", so he decided to move on from the idea. The short is notable because its where the theme music of Rick and Morty was taken from, as well as being heavily referenced in the Season 1 episode Lawnmower Dog.



Dog World Pilot Animatic


Peter, Edmund, and Sally Michaels were on a camping trip when they were sucked through a portal to a dimension where dogs are smart, and humans are pets. They are taken in by the Doggerson family while they try to find a way back to their own world.

Similarities between Dog World and Rick and Morty

  • Jerry Doggerson is the father of the household, sharing a first name and position with Jerry Smith. Jerry is actually the name of one of Justin's dogs.
  • Ruffles is the name of the Doggerson family's pet. In the Lawnmower Dog episode, Snuffles is mistakenly called "Ruffles" by Rick.
  • The breed of dog that the Doggersons are is very similar to Snuffles breed.
  • Peter Michaels has the same voice as Morty, but without the speech pattern.
  • The theme song is the same for both shows.
  • In dog world, there is an ad on TV for "Bobbish." In Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate, Stealy steals a bag of Bobbish.
  • In another ad for TV in dog world, there is a dog saying "You don't know me!" repeatedly. This was most likely inspiration for Mrs. Pancake's catchphrase in Lawnmower Dog.
  • Mrs. Doggerson can be seen exiting a public restroom in Dog World in the Rick and Morty season 2 promo, The Right Bathroom.