Dwarf Terrace-9 (or Tiny Planet) is a dwarf Earth-like planet with a circumference of 330 yards (302m),132'808 times smaller than Earth, and was home to the Smith Family for a short period of time.


In "The Wedding Squanchers", the Smith Family were seaking refuge outside of Galactic Federation's jurisdiction. Only three planets with inhabitable climates were located, the best of which was Dwarf Terrace-9. The Smiths did not stay there for long, as Rick overheard the family discuss him and their problems, and deciding to give himself to the authorities. After his capture, the Smiths were picked up by Galactic Federation ships and sent back to Earth.

Geography & Wildlife

The planet acts like a miniature version of Earth, but with everything on it wildly oversized compared to the size of the planet. Morty noted that the main feature distinguishing it from Earth is the lack of Africa. The planet is hollow, with a cave entrance on the north and south poles.

It was home to a species of tiny pigs, which were hunted to extinction by the Smiths for breakfast.

Known Inhabitants

Planet Size

In the episode this planet appears, Beth and Morty together give the circumference of the planet as 330 yards. However, if you use the image of the planet with the space van and cabin on top of it, take the average height of a door and compare it to the diameter of the planet, you actually get the planet to be about, at best, 260 yards (238m) in circumference. This is about 168'382 times smaller than Earth.


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