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That’s what makes me evil… being sick of him. If you’ve ever been sick of him, you’ve been evil, too.
— Evil Morty explaining his beliefs to Morty

Morty Smith of Dimension 79⊢⊇V, also known as Evil Morty or President Morty, is the main antagonist of Rick and Morty.

He is one of the many versions of Morty from across the multiverse, but unique in being notably amoral, ruthless and displaying intelligence rivalling that of Rick. He initially appeared alongside Evil Rick, who was hunting down and killing several Ricks throughout the multiverse. It was later revealed Evil Rick was merely being controlled by Evil Morty, although he remained undetected and travelled to the Citadel by posing as one of the Mortys liberated from Evil Rick's lair.

He served as the first Morty to be democratically elected President of The Citadel, and had consolidated his power in a coup by eliminating any disagreeable Ricks in the Shadow Council of Ricks. He later used this rise to power to fabricate an escape from the Central Finite Curve, destroying almost the entire Citadel and killing countless Ricks and Mortys in the process. Despite his hope to be rid of Rick once and for all, he finds himself dragged into Rick C-137 and Morty Prime's circle of influence, reluctantly cooperating with them as they face off against the bigger existential threat of Rick Prime and the Omega Device.


First moves[]

As revealed in "Unmortricken", Evil Morty was once another Morty, constantly mistreated and dragged on adventures. One day, he grew fed up with his Rick and got him blackout drunk while he engineered a device that would allow him to control Rick, to be hidden underneath a black eyepatch. His resentment towards Rick caused him to become interested in the concept of the Central Finite Curve, and he schemed to gain access to the means to escape it.


The future President Morty wearing an eye patch.[2]

He first appears in "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind", where at first it appears he is simply a sidekick to Evil Rick, assisting him in killing twenty-seven known Ricks from various dimensions and capturing, torturing, and enslaving hundreds of Mortys. The reveal that he was the one in control occurs at the episode's conclusion: a Rick officer conducting an autopsy on Evil Rick's corpse discovers the receiver, while Evil Morty quietly removes the eyepatch and smashes the transmitter under his foot, giving him anonymity and access to the Citadel.

Rise to power[]

A year later, in "The Ricklantis Mixup," now going by the alias “Candidate Morty” (presumably having survived the Citadel battle in "The Rickshank Rickdemption"), he secretly develops an alter-ego to become a presidential candidate in an election for the newly democratic Citadel of Ricks. His candidacy is considered a joke by the Ricks of the Citadel due to being a Morty who no one takes seriously, including his Campaign Manager Morty. But, after making a rousing speech about the class divide between the various Ricks and Mortys on the Citadel during the debate, he quickly earned praise and support. Shortly after the speech, he promptly fires Campaign Manager Morty.


The former-Candidate Morty, now President of the Citadel, snaps for the guard to kill most of the council.

Campaign Manager Morty is depressed and drinking heavily in a bar when an Investigator Rick gives him a file revealing Candidate Morty's past as Eye Patch Morty and true nature as being the one to have been controlling "Evil Rick". Horrified at the truth, Campaign Manager Morty tries to assassinate Evil Morty to prevent him from winning the election and is quickly arrested. Unfortunately for him, Evil Morty survived the assassination attempt and won.

Evil morty secrets

The files Campaign Manager Morty had.

Although Campaign Manager Morty tries to reveal Candidate Morty's true identity as Evil Morty to the authorities, he is executed by being ejected into space with the file. The now “President Morty” meets with Rick Leaders on a shadow council of Ricks, who tell him that they were the real power in the Citadel long before the Council of Ricks and that he'll have no real power. He asks for those who feel this way to raise their hands; he snaps his fingers and all the Ricks with raised hands are swiftly executed. The remaining two instantly back down and cooperate. Evil Morty then sets his plans into motion by eliminating the old school that partnered Mortys with Ricks, creating new Citadel police rules that allowed a Rick police officer to go free after killing his Morty partner, and turning himself into a dictator. He creates new banners and throws every Rick or Morty that opposed him out of the airlock.

Evil Morty appears in "Never Ricking Morty", where he is in an anthology created by Story Lord. He is seen with his trademark eyepatch along with cyborg arm and a cape. He leads his army against Rick and Morty.

Achieving freedom[]

Evil Morty— can we stop flattering this guy? His plan was to monologue and fuck off. He basically threw a tantrum to announce he was quitting Twitter.
— Rick C-137

In "Rickmurai Jack", Evil Morty invites Rick C-137 and Morty to have dinner with him. He asks Rick to tell him how to bring down the Central Finite Curve, but Rick refuses. He implies to Morty that Rick C-137 helped create the Citadel, and says it's a shame that Rick won't help. Despite this, he should have what he needs anyway; Rick's brain was scanned during the appetizers (he had kept previous scans taken by Evil Rick in "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind"). Just to make sure, he checks Rick's memories on the brain-scanning device planted in the dining room. Morty apologizes to Rick for bringing him to the Citadel. Evil Morty expresses disdain for Morty's sell-out nature, but says that it would be pointless to hate him for it; Mortys are "bred" by the Citadel for their forgiveness. The Citadel has become a self-perpetuating market for Mortys, with Citadel Ricks manipulating events to ensure Jerrys and Beths end up together and creating endless Morty clones from their offspring.

Rick tries to shoot Evil Morty, but the shot is blocked by a force-shield; Evil Morty tells the guards to let Rick and Morty go. Rick opens a portal to leave, but after seeing Evil Morty's smug face realizes that it's a trap; Evil Morty has hacked his portal gun, again. After defeating the guards, Evil Morty tells Rick that he can't run from his past. Rick shoots at Evil Morty again, but the force-shield is still up. Evil Morty asks Rick why he thought the shield would be down the second time. Rick says it's just him expressing disapproval at his dialogue.

Rick C-137 and his Morty encounter Evil Morty again at the Citadel's Dimensional Drive as he is preparing to escape the Central Finite Curve. Evil Morty explains to Morty that Ricks see themselves as the underdogs, and in this way justify all of their heinous actions to themselves. They built the Central Finite Curve, a multidimensional wall that separates all the infinite universes where Rick isn't the smartest man alive from all the infinite universes where he is the smartest man alive. Evil Morty says that what makes him "evil" is being sick of Rick and his toxic, immature and sociopathic behavior. He professes in wanting to leave it all behind, and that any Morty who has ever been sick of Rick has also been 'Evil Morty'. Essentially, he is destroying the Central Finite Curve and the Citadel to free himself of Rick.


Evil Morty activating his Eyepatch.

Evil Morty activates his Dimensional Drive protocol, powering it with the blood of Operation Phoenix clones to create an opening in the Central Finite Curve. The Citadel starts to break apart and Evil Morty offers Morty a chance to escape with him. Rick tells Morty it's a better deal than staying, but Morty chooses to remain with Rick. It is soon revealed that Evil Morty anticipated this and revealed the only thing on the ship besides the seat is a toilet. As Rick and Morty flee the chamber together, Evil Morty gets into his small spaceship. He flies through the opening in the Central Finite Curve and uses his own portal gun, one filled with a unique golden fluid.

In "Solaricks", it is shown Evil Morty's plan included destroying travel with Rick's model of portal gun. However, Rick C-137 wrote off the idea of taking Evil Morty seriously, claiming that he acted like he was quitting social media.

Teaming up with Rick and Morty[]

In "Unmortricken", Evil Morty continues on adventures beyond the Central Finite Curve, gathering resources that will allow him to live a peaceful life in his space mansion. Unfortunately, his peaceful existence is disturbed due to Rick and Morty messing with dimensions within the Central Finite Curve in a bid to track down Rick Prime. Annoyed, Evil Morty confronts the two and gives Rick a tip to speed up the process, but is ultimately dragged into a Rick and Morty adventure when they are teleported into a prison set up by Rick Prime. Despite Morty's own objections, Evil Morty and Rick team up to survive the prison, using their combined knowledge and skillset to outsmart Rick Prime's traps, and cooperatively hacking their portal guns to facilitate a joint escape. In the process, they learn that Rick Prime developed a weapon called the Omega Device that is capable of killing people across infinity. After their escape, Rick runs off to get his revenge on Rick Prime. Evil Morty elects to follow, knowing the Omega Device is too dangerous to allow to exist, and convinces Morty to join by advising him that Rick will not handle succeeding in his revenge well.

They arrive at Rick Prime's lair, and Evil Morty teams up with the two to defeat Rick Prime, at one point swapping clothes with Morty and feigning a "reunion" between Rick Prime and Morty, who is technically his real grandson, before using his resources to incapacitate Rick Prime. Dragging him into another room, he conducts a brain scan and downloads the schematics for the Omega Device. Rick Prime, impressed by Evil Morty's intelligence, suggests they could become partners like Batman and Robin. Evil Morty retorts he does not need a "Robin" before pulling Rick's body in, reviving him, and offering a chance to kill Rick Prime. After shutting down the Omega Device, he comments on Rick's dissatisfaction at getting revenge, before warning him and Morty not to bother him again by pointing out he now has the power to kill Rick across every dimension if he so chooses. When Morty points out he could just do it anyway, Evil Morty replies that actually using the Omega Device would cause him more headaches when he just wants to be left alone. He begrudgingly admits, having gotten the chance to work with him, that Rick has proven himself different from other Ricks. He muses he could find that useful one day, though he reiterates his warning that they not come after him as he leaves.


Evil Morty looks identical to most Mortys, except that he wears a black eye patch on his right eye.

Introducing himself as a candidate in "The Ricklantis Mixup", he wears a grey suit, white dress shirt, and blue tie—and as president of the Ricks' citadel, he is dressed in a black suit with a red tie.

In "Never Ricking Morty", he is seen with his trademark eyepatch along with a cyborg arm and a cape.

In "Rickmurai Jack", he wears a short sleeve black shirt with a logo on it and long black pants then later a yellow and black spacesuit.


S1e10 evil morty

Evil Morty ripping off his eyepatch exposing wiring from his eye.

Evil Morty, as his name would imply, is cold, ruthless, manipulative, sadistic, cunning, and exceptionally intelligent—almost mirroring most Ricks and even exceeding them at times. He shows no hesitation in killing Ricks or even Mortys who don't agree with his ideals and shows delight when he finally has the opportunity to put his plans into action.

Evil Morty is also willing to watch through Evil Rick as hundreds of Mortys suffer in pain, creating the large camouflage dome for his base of operations. Despite speaking about equality for Ricks and Mortys, he is willing to use or even sacrifice versions of himself for his goals.

When Evil Morty was first seen, little was shown about him, but he stated that it is impossible for a Morty to defeat a Rick. In the episode, it was revealed that he was controlling his Rick and it was possibly his idea to capture Mortys in order to hide from the Citadel of Ricks. Unlike other Mortys, Evil Morty speaks in a serious, monotone voice, and lacks a stutter in his speech. Evil Morty's ability to control Evil Rick and become a president shows that, in terms of logical intelligence (as opposed to emotional intelligence), he is much smarter than the average Morty. Ultimately, he outplays even Rick C-137 and breaks through the Finite Curve.

When "Evil Rick" (actually Evil Morty controlling his form) noticed Rick C-137 crying over his memories, he taunts him by saying that Ricks don't care about Mortys. Since Evil Morty was controlling Evil Rick, this suggests that he believes all Ricks treat their Mortys like disposable and replaceable objects. In "Rickmurai Jack" he repeats this, believing and even justifying that Mortys are only bred by Ricks for camouflage and to feel superior, justifying this by showing how Ricks continuously force infinite Jerrys and Beths to be together and create endless Morty clones from their offspring. However, after working with the series' main Rick directly in "Unmortricken", he acknowledges that Rick C-137 is different from the other Ricks, though he mainly views that as something he could use in the future rather than a virtue.

He also acknowledges his evil nature by laughing off his actions in potentially destroying the multiverse and killing trillions. He also states that he is called evil because he is the only Morty to be sick of Rick’s horrible actions and behavior.

Criminal Record[]

Evil Morty, unlike most, has no hesitation in committing atrocities in order to further his goals - whilst using his position as a Morty a cover and alibi to avoid being caught. These include:

  • Murder: He has killed a great number of Ricks and Mortys.
  • Mass Murder and Framing: In "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind", he killed 27 Ricks in such a way to frame C-137 Rick. After activating his Dimensional Drive protocol, he blew up the Citadel, essentially killing almost all Rick and Morty inside.
  • Mass Abduction, Human Trafficking, Torture, and Imprisonment: In "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind", he imprisoned and tortured hundreds and possibly thousands or millions of Mortys. It is possible he may have killed more Ricks or members of the family to obtain them.
  • Despotism: While not necessarily a crime due to dictatorships being legal forms of government, Evil Morty was a dictator in absolute control of the Citadel of Ricks.
  • Coup d'état: In "The Ricklantis Mixup", he mass executes the corrupt Shadow Council of Ricks in order to remove all his political opponents.

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Prior to "Rickmurai Jack", the name "Evil Morty" had never been said in the show: because of Roiland's multiple voice roles, episodes featuring the character only credited Roiland as "Ricks" and "Mortys", and so this Morty was only ever known as "Eye-patch Morty" (from his appearance in "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind") and later "President Morty" (from "The Ricklantis Mixup"). Fans began referring to him as "Evil Morty" as a catch-all term describing his actions––crew members also began referring to him as "Evil Morty" shortly afterwards. In "Rickmurai Jack", the character acknowledges this title by remarking on how his actions make him "Evil," and Mr. Poopybutthole subsequently refers to him as Evil Morty in the post-credits sequence.



Evil Morty art by Peter Slavik.[3]

  • Evil Morty's starring episodes, "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind", "The Ricklantis Mixup", and "Rickmurai Jack" end with "For the Damaged Coda[4]" playing in the background (as well as the closing credits for the former two). The song was also subtly playing in the background within the cold open of "Unmortricken." The song has thus become President Morty's leitmotif.
  • The floating photographs of Evil Morty show the eye patch on the left eye, while the first time he was shown, the eye patch was on the right eye. Similarly, his jacket pocket is on the other side as well. It's uncertain whether this indicates a mirror image (intentional or not) or that the photos had been staged for Campaign Manager Morty by Evil Morty himself.
  • The nickname, "Evil Morty", was originally provided to this Morty by the wider fan community in reference to him controlling the explicitly named "Evil Rick", and was used unofficially by various members of the show's staff until the season 5 finale, when Rick calls him such. President Morty is amused that Rick is finally "all caught up".
    • At the Citadel's Dimensional Drive, Evil Morty also tells Morty that "now [he's] Evil Morty too" when he questions Rick's motives.
  • At the end of "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind", Rick C-137 warns his Morty about becoming too smart for his own good, and he defers on explaining that statement until he is older. This appears to be a veiled reference to Evil Morty going rogue.
  • At one point, fans thought that Evil Morty might be an anti-hero instead of an outright villain. It was theorized that his more violent attempts at guaranteeing his own presidency stemmed from him realizing the potential of nearly all Ricks to inadvertently destroy everything and everyone around them permanently, including entire dimensions. However, the season 5 finale proved that his goals were ultimately selfish if sympathetic, bringing him closer to an anti-villain.
  • Despite showing mild sympathy for other Mortys, Evil Morty doesn't care that his plan will kill the Mortys on the Citadel. In fact, his machine is fuelled, in part, by the blood of Mortys.
    • It is also worth noting that Evil Morty says that sell-out Mortys "kill" him, indicating that he shows much distaste towards versions of himself who care about Rick's approval.
  • According to Rick, Evil Morty is the only person who's ever been able to hack his Portal Gun.
  • In the episode "Solaricks", Rick accidentally resets all portal travellers to their realities of origin. As Evil Morty was beyond the reach of the Central Finite Curve, it appears he was not reset.
  • Whilst it is never specified why Evil Morty needed Rick's memories (as well as those of the other twenty-seven Ricks he murdered as Evil Rick), it is theorized that their memories contained vital information on the Central Finite Curve and how to escape it. Given that Rick was revealed to be the original leader of the Citadel, it is likely he possessed that very knowledge.
  • He is currently the only known character to escape the Central Finite Curve, outside of variants of the Jetson family.
    • He is also the only known character to have a gold portal gun.
  • Evil Morty was adopted by "Evil" Rick at the citadel as later Evil Morty went to the Citadel with Evil Rick to erase his adoption records. One of the reasons for Evil Morty being so cold and amoral may be due to the fact he either lost his original family (Summer, Beth, and Jerry), was taken from them (kidnapped by the Citadel as a resource), or never even had a family (was a Morty clone created at the Citadel) beyond Rick.



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