The Fantasy World is a planet inhabited by humans, as well as other beings, in a medieval-themed setting. A beanstalk connects the planets surface with the Giant World; a highly more advanced land in the sky populated by Giants.


This planet is the planet which Morty took Rick to when he could choose their next adventure. They found a village in which Morty took upon a quest to seek out gold in Giant World, which is located in the sky above the planets surface.

When having reached the Giant World, they were accused of "giant murder" after a fatal accident, but released because they were never read their rights.

They next reached a bar where Morty was attempted raped by King Jellybean and Rick won a large sum of Schmeckles, which they gave to the village. As they left, Rick shot their king with his Laser gun for attacking Morty.


The village on the surface is poor and dirty, with villagers not yet having discovered electricity or industrialization. The village leaders believe in upholding the image of their former king, King Jellybean, and keeping dirty secrets from surfacing; as shown when a villager found a box of graphic photos of King Jellybean, and was ordered to destroy it.

Giant World is very wealthy and is incredibly discriminatory against "tiny people". Unlike the humans below, the Giants' world is more advanced on level with Earth today.


The planet is pre-industrial age and has no form of electricity or mechanical machines, though a villager is seen with a zippo lighter. The village and the land surrounding it was ruled by King Jellybean until his death by Rick's lasergun.




  • The discrimination against "tiny people" is a reference to the Jim Crow South, even having "tiny rights" organizations and Rick facing major discrimination by the legal system

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