Dimension, Morty, this is Earth, except in this alt-dimension they've got everything fascist like cranked to eleven
—Rick to Morty after arrival[src]

The fascist dimension is an alternative dimension where Earth turned into a global fascist society. Rick and Morty went on a massacre in this dimension to save it from fascism in Rick and Morty Issue 29.


Rick and Morty Issue 29 Nazi Slaya

Morty scanning fascists

At some point in this dimension, fascism became the dominating ideology on Earth. As a result, the planet's experienced centuries of income inequality and poverty. A nearby planet filled with immigrants and refugees who are just trying to find a better life, has been at war for millennia. Lies have been used to wipe out a history of intellectuals.

This Earth received a brief visit from C-137 Rick and Morty, who went on a killing spree inside of a diner.

Society and Culture

Rick and Morty Issue 29 Diner

Dissatisfied diner customer

The humans on this version of Earth lived by strict rules for both appearance and behavior. All citizens were forced to keep their hair short, with women allowed to grow their hair to shoulder length. All men and women grew Hitler-style mustaches, with the exception of younger children and service workers. All citizens wore white or brown shirts and brown pants.

To be nice and friendly was not a common idea in this world, with people considering service workers to be sub-humans trash. Dissatisfied diner customers would throw their plates on the floor and refuse to tip their waiters.



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