Flarbellon-7 is a completely deserted planet only inhabited by Penps, insects, and some weird shrubs. It appears in the Rick and Morty Comics Issue 16 and 19.


Due to it being deserted, Rick Sanchez (C-132) used to travel there to get some peace and quiet. He would later bring Morty Smith (C-132) and Summer Smith (C-132) there on a trip to acquire Penp Juice from from the inside of a Penp. While there they met Peacock Jones and Barbarica who also came to Flarbellon-7 due to its emptiness, but they came to stage a large fight for Barbarica against Robobros. While Barbarica was fighting the Robobros, Morty successfully clubbed a Penp out of the sky which landed on top of Barbarica as well as a number of Robobros, killing them. After Rick set off a self-destruct sequence, the planet suffered some damage from the exploding Robobros.

Rick and Morty returned to Flarbellon-7 in order to continue their drug trades. They utelized Meeseeks to bring the drugs through portals to their customers. While they did that, Summer and Peacock released all the Penps they had stolen from space zoos back into the wild. Before Rick and Morty could leave, the IDEA (Intergalactic Drug Enforcement Administration) tracked them down and surrounded their hideout. Rick spawned in a large amount of Meeseeks who fought the IDEA long enough for them to go home with Summer.

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