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"Flu Hatin' Rap" is a song sung by MC Haps in the episode "Rick Potion #9." It started off as a song about flu awareness that he was singing at the Flu Season Dance, but after being infected with the flu virus that carried Rick's love potion, he changed the lyrics of the song to match his love and attraction for Morty.


Original Lyrics

Flu. Yo, you gotta be aware.
Aware about the flu, up in the air.
Imma get me a shot and make the flu go away.
Flu hatin' rappers just rappin' away.
Yo. Yo. Flu hatin' rapper.
It's a flu hatin' rap.
This is about flu awareness.
Gotta be aware of the flu in the airness.
Yo, i'm a flu hatin' rapper.
My name is MC Haaaaaaaaaaps- Haps
"Yeah, im MC Haps, I'm a flu hatin' rapper, yo"

After Infection

I love Morty
and I hope Morty loves me.
I'd like to wrap my arms around him
and feel him inside me.


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