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"Forgetting Sarick Mortshall" is the ninth episode of the fifth season of Rick and Morty, and the 50th episode of the series overall. It premieres on September 5, 2021. It was written by Siobhan Thompson and directed by Kyounghee Lim. The episode is rated TV-14-DLV.


When Rick starts using birds as sidekicks, Morty finds a new partner in a portal. Is Rick and Morty's interdimensional partnership done forever?


Morty travels from dimension to dimension, cleaning up messes that Rick has left in the aftermath of their adventures. As he finishes his bucket list, he returns to the garage only to find that Rick had marked a notch on his container of portal fluid so he would know if Morty used the portal gun. Panicking, Morty mixes Mountain Dew with the remaining fluid, which the gun seems to accept. He accidentally spills the remaining portal fluid on his palm, which creates a small portal that regurgitates junk and shows him a man named Nick, who tells Morty he has a portal on his thigh, referring to it as his “stash hole.”

Rick finds out that Morty tampered with the gun, and, furious, decides to have Morty replaced by a wheel of names, deciding on two crows. Nick, somehow familiar with Rick, cites their relationship as abusive and encourages Morty to embrace this change, while Rick easily catches and trains two crows. Morty tracks Nick down, finding him in a mental hospital. A sheepish Nick explains he met Rick at a bar and became too curious about his portal gun, leading Rick to shoot him out of a catapult and force a mental breakdown. Using their portals, Morty and Nick fight off the hospital's abusive staff and dub themselves "The Portal Boys".

While on a mission, the crows try to save a group of tortured aliens over a valuable artifact, leading Rick to dump them on a planet of intelligent crow aliens. The aliens pull down his ship, offended at the notion of him abandoning their kind, and help Rick become more in tune with the crows. Nick and Morty break into the garage, where Nick helps Morty vent his rage against Rick by wrecking the place and taking an empty prototype portal gun. When Rick returns to Earth with the crow aliens and sees the trashed garage, they notice the wheel and realize Rick's crow training was all an elaborate joke. Furious, the aliens turn all nearby crows feral and take Rick's crows, with him pursuing.

Nick and Morty go to Rick's portal fluid supplier and things turn violent when Nick pulls a gun. He incapacitates Nick when he shoots unarmed civilians and flees. As Rick breaks onto the crow ship and is quickly captured by the aliens, he gets a call from Morty and answers. Morty apologizes for lying to him, and Rick admits the crows were just a bit. Hearing this, his crows allow themselves to be transformed into crow aliens by a large energy egg. His crows pretend to attack him, but actually reattach their laser wires and use it to kill the aliens and destroy the egg, which changes them back.

Morty is attacked by Nick, who runs his car off the road and corners him on a set of train tracks. He inadvertently reveals his story of Rick hurting him to be a lie, and Morty, realizing he has to disconnect their portals, severs his hand under a train wheel and drops it in Nick's thigh, creating a singularity that destroys him. Seeing Morty outside the house while flying down in a crow ship, Rick regrows his hand and rejects their partnership, declaring himself a bad partner and that Morty would be better off without him. Morty watches tearfully as Rick cleans out the garage and waves goodbye, leaving in a crow ship to start the "Rick and Two Crows" show, which he announces to no one in a drunken ramble.

In a post-credits scene, an alien that eats Rick's trash which has been dubbed "Garbage Goober" is confronted by his wife. She reminds him that his work is not what he signed up for and that he is a doctor and deserves respect. When Garbage Goober finally agrees to ask the family for dignity, Summer offers him trash to eat, he eagerly leaves to go consume it.


Major characters[]

Minor characters[]


  • Many Lizard people
  • Many Crow aliens
  • Telephone pole worker
  • Mental hospital staffers
  • Nick
  • Lava Monster
  • Cookie terrorists
  • Cable Guy
  • Pink animals


Episode notes[]


  • This episode is the first part of the one-hour season 5 finale, with "Rickmurai Jack" being the second part.
  • In celebration of Season 5, Pocket Mortys' weekly updates will coincide with new episodes, including new avatars for players to collect. With the release of this episode came Nick as an avatar, plus Crow Morty and Jetpack Morty to catch.
  • This is the fourth episode where Summer and Beth do not appear. Beth's first three were "M. Night Shaym-Aliens!" (not counting Beth's hologram in the episode), "Mortynight Run" and "The Ricks Must Be Crazy". Summer's first three were "M. Night Shaym-Aliens!", "Mortynight Run" and "The Ricklantis Mixup".
  • The full "cookie terrorists" scene in the cold open was censored in select countries (such as the US) due to then-recent affairs in Afghanistan. The scene in the episode has currently been edited on all digital platforms and re-airings of the episode.

Series continuity[]

  • One of the options on Rick's "Wheel of Better Things Than Morty" is Kyle 2.0, which may be referring to the same Kyle that Mr. Nimbus mentioned in "Mort Dinner Rick Andre".
  • After Morty amputates his own hand to defeat Nick, Rick offers him a variety of different hands he could give him to replace it, and one of the options is to "make it big, like that one time", referencing the events in "Rickmancing the Stone".

Cultural references[]

  • The episode's title is a reference to the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
  • The crows turning feral and attacking humans references the Alfred Hitchcock film The Birds, a movie about birds attacking humans.
  • Rick compares the interior of the crow aliens' ship to The Dark Crystal and Hot Topic. The Crow Aliens is modeled after the Skeksis and the large egg in the spaceship surrounded by the crows brings to mind the Dark Crystal from that series being surrounded by the Skeksis'. They also wanted to harness the power of the crystal for their own benefit.
  • Rick mentions the beverage Mountain Dew when he notices that the fluid in his portal gun is "topped off" with it.
  • In the cold open, Morty kills a lava monster created after Rick stole its gem which is a reference to the animated film, Moana.
  • The guards at the asylum like to lick the faces of the restrained patients, referencing the movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day.


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