I was on the wrong side of the pitchfork on this one.
—Frankenstein's Monster after learning that Tinkles is real.
Frankenstein's Monster was a false character, portrayed by the Alien Parasites. He is a variation of the monster from Frankenstein and is passed off as a member of the Smith family.


In "Total Rickall" Frankenstein's Monster is one of the first false characters to appear in the Smith house. He was introduced in a false memory of Jerry getting his head stuck in the staircase's guardrail. After Mr. Beauregarde helps him free his head, the Monster walks into the room and "takes back what he said about British cuisine". He continues to appear in every flashback after that.

When the Smiths check their photos for evidence of who is a parasite and who isn't, Frankenstein's Monster (randomly) brings up how suspicious it is that Summer's only friend is a "magic ballerina lamb that no one's ever seen", creating a flashback of Tinkles and her friends. When it turns out that Tinkles is "real", the Monster admits that he was wrong in his argument. 

After the barbecue flashback fills the house with false characters, Rick holds everyone at gunpoint so he can figure out who is real and who isn't. Frankenstein's Monster asks Rick if he can look at his watch, but when latter turns him down, Frankenstein's Monster grabs Rick's wrist and begins trying to disable the blast shield doors keeping everyone locked inside the house.  When Rick questions why so many people are so eager to leave, Frankenstein calls him out for being paranoid, causing Rick to have a flashback of himself and the Monster in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Rick, however, is able to snap himself out of the false memory and the Monster attacks Rick.  The two brawl until the Monster is able to punch Rick in the face, knocking him down and causing him to drop his ray gun. With Rick disarmed, he is easily subdued by two other false characters, and the Monster prepares to shoot him. He doesn't, however, as Morty is able to convince the Monster to give him the gun instead.

When Rick and Morty figured out the parasites' weakness, they arm the other real members of the Smith family and begin killing the false ones. Frankenstein's Monster is ultimately shot in the neck by Summer, and screams as he dies and transforms back into his real form.

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