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This article is about the TV show. You may be looking for the titular character.

Gazorpazorpfield is an interdimensional television series based on the popular animated/comic series Garfield. It is a popular TV show in Gazorpazorp, about a cat that hates Mumunmununsdays, likes enchiladas and mistreats his owner, Jon.


Rick and Morty watch the show together in the episode, "Rixty Minutes." In the episode, it is Mumunmununsday and Gazorpazorpfield wants enchiladas, before going on an insult-based rant at Jon.

In the comic "Rick and Morty Issue 28", Gazorpazorpfield reveals that his mom died on Mumunmununsday, sparking his deep hatred for the day.






  • Gazorpazorpfield is a popular television show all around the galaxy, as seen in Mortynight Run.
  • Being a show created on Gazorpazorp, a planet where women dominate and all men live out in the wild, it's unknown how they were able to get male actors to play the characters of this show.
    • However, the Rick and Morty in this episode occupy a different reality than the one in which they first encountered the planet Gazorpazorp. Also, Rick mentions he "upgraded" their cable "with programming from every conceivable reality". Thus, Gazorpazorpfield can conceivably exist in a reality where Gazorpazorp is neither a matriarchal nor a misogynyst society.
    • It was confirmed in the commentary for the episode, "Rixty Minutes", that the show was created in an alternate universe where the female Gazorpians did not separate themselves from the males.
  • An alternate interpretation of the original Garfield character appeared in the third episode of The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti to showcase the fact that you can use trademarked characters on Channel 101.


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