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This article is about the cat named Gazorpazorpfield. You may be looking for the TV show seen in Rixty Minutes.

Gazorpazorpfield is the main character of a fictional in-series TV show of the same name. He is a parody of Garfield.


He is identical to Garfield, only he is a lighter shade of orange, and has arms on his head in the place of ears, a common Gazorpian trait.


Gazorpazorpfield shares many of the same traits and attributes as Garfield, however, he is much cruder and meaner. He is also very profane, bordering on cruel, when talking to his owner Jon. He hates Mumunmununsday, because his mother died on that day.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Much like his counterpart Garfield, Gazorpazorpfield spends a lot of time thinking about his favorite food. However, while Garfield loves lasagna, Gazorpazorpfield loves enchiladas.
  • Rick Sanchez claims to Morty Smith that Gazorpazorpfield is voiced by Gazorpazorp's version of Lorenzo Music, who is still alive on Gazorpazorp, while the movie version of him is voiced by Bill Murray. Rick even points out the Garfield-Ghostbusters connection, as Music voiced Murray's character Peter Venkman in the first season of The Real Ghostbusters before he was replaced by David Coulier because the director felt that Music's Venkman voice, rather amusingly, sounded too much like Garfield.
  • He breaks character at the end of his small sequence by laughing