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For the song of the same name, see Get Schwifty (song).

"Get Schwifty" is the fifth episode of the second season of Rick and Morty. It is the sixteenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on August 23, 2015. It was written by Tom Kauffman and directed by Wes Archer. The episode is rated TV-14-DL.


When an alien entity appears with musical demands, Rick and Morty call on Ice-T to help them write a tune for an intergalactic song competition.


A massive alien head appears over the Earth, interfering with Earth's gravity and spawning several global disasters in the process. When the head exclaims, "Show me what you got," Rick travels to The Pentagon to inform the President of the United States that the alien head is a Cromulon, and it seeks a live performance of a catchy new song.

Unfortunately, an earthquake hit the Grammy Awards presentation, killing all of Earth's most famous musicians (including but not limited to Pharrell, Randy Newman, Billy Corgan, and The-Dream) with the exception of Ice-T who survived the earthquake. In desperation, Rick and Morty compose and perform the song "Get Schwifty". The head is pleased and transports the entire Earth to an intergalactic musical competition, viewed by more Cromulons, where the losers' planets are obliterated. Rick then tells the President that any astronauts they had in orbit at the time are dead.

Rick and Morty team up with Ice-T to compose a new song, but Morty panics and steals Rick's portal device to save his family. Ice-T reveals himself to be a jaded alien and leaves Rick alone. Jerry, Beth, Summer and Ethan get involved with a religious cult whose beliefs are based on their interpretation of the actions of the Cromulons. Morty gets lost and traverses several portal openings, eventually stumbling onto Bird Person's world. Bird Person encourages Morty to have faith in Rick and sends him back to Earth.

General Nathan ends up losing it, betrays the president, and launches nuclear bombs at the host Cromulon as he was wanting to do the whole episode, however this barely effects him and in reply, he simply states ''BOO, NOT COOL!'' and he disqualifies Earth, but Ice-T returns and saves the planet from annihilation. Rick and Morty, back together again, perform a new hit song, satisfy the Cromulons, and win the contest. Nathan runs at the president with an M16 after all is saved, but Rick turns him into a snake. Meanwhile, the alien head cult quickly disbands after realizing it was all just a musical reality show.

In the post-credits, Ice-T returns to his planet upon his exile and is restored to his Water-T form. When the Numbericons attack with his father Helium-Q getting killed by a falling debris, Water-T leads the Alphabetrium inhabitants into fighting the Numbericons.


Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]




  • Rick jokingly asks Morty to lick his balls, which may be a nod to Justin Roiland's wildly vulgar short film The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti. It may also be a reference to one of Rick's catchphrases in Total Rickall: "lick lick lick my balls!"
  • Arboles mentirosos roughly means "lying trees" in Spanish.
  • Justin Roiland makes a cameo appearance as himself in this episode, when he gets ascended by Principal Vagina, marked as "thief".
  • General Nathan is the main antagonist in this episode.
  • The songs in this episode were originally recorded for the Rick and Morty's Rushed Licensed Adventure game, but were later used to create the episode.[2]

Cultural references[]

  • Rick sarcastically calls one of the government employees "Frasier" for suggesting that Vivaldi is the epitome of human musical achievement. This is a reference to Frasier Crane, a character from the sitcoms Cheers and Frasier played by Spencer Grammer's father, Kelsey Grammer.
  • Pharrell, Randy Newman, Billy Corgan, and The-Dream are referenced in this episode as they have been mentioned to have died due to the earthquake caused by the Cromulons.
  • When Ice-T bursts out from the palace, the numbers up front were 6 and 7. Possibly being a reference to Tech N9ne's album 6's and 7's.
  • The plot of the episode, where a bunch of inhabitants from different planets are forced to compete in a game show where the losers' planets are blown up, is very similar to the episode, "Win, Loose, and Kaboom!" from the animated series, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.
  • The weapon used to "disqualify" planets looks very similar to the Forerunner Dreadnought from the Halo franchise.


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