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"Get Schwifty" is a song sung by Rick Sanchez accompanied by Morty Smith. It first made an appearance in Chapter 3 of Rick and Morty's Rushed Licensed Adventure as one of the songs on Summer's music player used to wake up Rick. It was later sung in the titular episode "Get Schwifty."


Oh, yeah!
You gotta get schwifty.
You gotta get schwifty in here.
It's time to get schwifty.
You gotta get schwifty.
Oh, yeah!
Take off your pants and your panties.
Shit on the floor.
Time to get Schwifty in here
Gotta shit on the floor
I'm Mr. Bulldops.
I'm Mr. Bulldops.
Take a shit on the floor.
Take off your panties and your pants.
It's time to get schwifty in here
New song "schwifty"
Double X
schwifty song
comin'at ya
It's the schwif-schwifty
Hey, take your pants off
It's schwifty time today

Critical reception

This song was unanimously acclaimed by the viewing Cromulons and the performance of this song led Rick and Morty to success, making them returning stars on the TV series Planet Music. It was viewed by General Nathan as a failure, but The President said it was their only hope.


  • The usage of the word "shit" in this song was left uncensored, even though all most other instances of the word in this episode are bleeped out. (With the only other exception of Ice T's quote "Shiiiiiit....I don't care about no earth blowing up."
  • The line "It's the schfif-schwifty" could be a reference to the Group X song Schfifty-Five.


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