"Goodbye Moonmen" is a song sung by Fart in the episode Mortynight Run.


The worlds can be one together
Cosmos without hatred
Stars like diamonds in your eyes
The ground can be space (space, space, space, space)
With feet marching towards a peaceful sky
All the Moonmen want things their way
But we make sure they see the sun
Goodbye, Moonmen
We say goodbye, Moonmen
Goodbye, Moonmen
Goodbye, Moonmen
Oh, goodbye

Cosmos without hatred
Diamond stars of cosmic light
Quasars shine through endless nights
And everything is one in the beauty
And now we say goodbye, Moonmen
We say goodbye, Moonmen
Goodbye, Moonmen
Goodbye, Moonmen
Oh, goodbye

Shut the fuck up about Moonmen!


Season 2



  • Goodbye Moonmen is most likely sung as a parody/tribute in the style of musical artist David Bowie.
  • Goodbye Moonmen is written in the same key and uses many of the same chord progressions as Debussy's Clair De Lune which could be a possible reference seeing as how Clair De Lune is written about the moon.


Music by Ryan Elder, Lyrics by David Phillips and Dan Harmon, Performed by Jemaine Clement

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