Gordon Lunas was a mysterious man, who appears to live on the moon in "Morty's Mind Blowers."


The original Gordon presumably became a Cronenberg in Dimension C-137.

Gordon first appeared one night as Morty was looking at the moon through his telescope. Morty at first admires the American flag planted on the lunar surface before he notices a strange figure standing in a mid-stride walking pose. He then goes and tells his family, but nobody, including Rick, believes him; they suggest that it was merely a smudge on the lens. He then finds out that Mr. Lunas is, in fact, a real person, as he comes to Morty's high school to work as a guidance counselor. Later on, Morty snaps pictures of Lunas, planting an American flag in his yard, and tells Principle Vagina that he thinks Lunas is "up to something" and "lives on the moon." Vagina takes this as a metaphor for pedophilia, and goes outside to the parking lot to confront Lunas, ending in Lunas getting punched in the face. As a result of this accusation, Lunas goes home and commits suicide, which Morty finds out about from the ambulances outside of Lunas' home. Morty later eavesdrops on Lunas' funeral, where it is learned that Lunas served in the Marine Corps, and that "from a certain angle, some people would say he looked like a smudge." Morty then runs home and sees that there is, in fact, a smudge on his telescope lens, realizing that he inadvertently drove Lunas to kill himself.


  • The last name "Lunas" may be a pun on the word "Lunar".
  • Morty assuming that Gordon was on the moon, only to find out it was all completely wrong might be a reference to the famous false moon landing conspiracy.
  • Lunas' truck license plate reads "SATF1V3." This is a reference to the Saturn V, an American rocket that was sent to the moon.
  • His house address is 237, which is a significant number in The Shining, being the room number of the movie's naked old lady. There's a conspiracy that Stanely Kubrick, the director of The Shining, was involved in the fake the moon landing.
    • The room number is a nod to the distance from the earth to the moon -- which is approximately 237,000 miles away.
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