Gramuflack was an inhabited planet located somewhere in galaxy. It was destroyed when Heistotron stole the planet's core.


Shortly after going rogue, Heistotron constructed a gigantic robot to steal Gramuflack's core. The robot approached the planet dressed as a plumber named "Hank", claiming to come to check the planet's water pressure. Heistotron placed a giant secret camera on a city, killing 57,000 people. Heistotron then changed the costume to a pizza delivery and dropped a giant pizza box on top of another city, flattening it and killing all citizens. The box started drilling into the planet, destroying all half of it, ending the planet's gravity and killing all creatures before extracting the planet core.


Gramuflack was populated with intelligent beings as well as primitive animals. The "Gramuflacks" were bipedal, humanoid creatures with yellow skin and large bulbous eyes. They had a single mouth and two arms, ending in hands with three fingers. They wore clothes and were able to grow facial hair.


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Military leader and parade

The population on Gramuflack lived in cities of varying sizes, filled with houses and shops. Modes of transportation included car, helicopter and boat. At least one country on Gramuflack was governed by a military leader. This moustached leader would hold annual military parades while broadcasting himself on a large screen.

The cities were illuminated by electrical lights in the pavement and a lot of oddly-shaped buildings built with large bulbs of light.


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Animals on Gramuflack

The planet was covered with both water and land, which were split up into several continents. Trees resembling pine and palm trees could be found in different areas of the planet, as well as asortments of flowers.

Some of the animals found on Gramuflack were similar to species found on Earth, like squirrel, fox and birds. Another green one-eyed quadrupedal animal with antlers roamed the wild forests before the planet's destruction.


  • The "gramuflacks" somewhat resemble the Smarkians.

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