Greebybobes are an alien species that lived on the Planet Parblesnops. They appeared frequently as background characters throughout the series before their gruesome planet getting destroyed by Cromulons in the episode Get Schwifty.


The Greebybobes were a frog-like species of aliens where every member of their species was green of color. They all showed to have large red eyes on top of their head, with fins on the back. They also had fins around their neck and on their shoulders. With two arms and two legs, they differ from frogs with not having webbed toes or fingers, as well as having teeth.


Their planet, with the entire Greebybobe population on it, was transported by Cromulons to the Signus 5 Expanse to be a part of the TV show Planet Music. They were the first ones eliminated by plasma ray for refusing to play their music and wanting to be set free again, which upset the Cromulons and led to their disqualification in the show. A Greebybobe was seen at Rick's party at the end of Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender and first appeared in the alien airport in the episode Pilot.



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