The Hamsters In Butts are a race of Interdimensional hamsters who reside in the rectums of humans. The Smith family took a vacation in their dimension in Rixty Minutes.


A hamster doctor showing an x-ray of a butt-person

The hamsters always stay inside their butt-person, as their homes are inside the humans' rectum. In their world, the hamsters have taken on all the roles that humans have on most other Earths, including being doctors, anchormen, soldiers and more. Their humans walk backwards so that the hamsters are always in front. It is not known if the humans are intelligent, as they all seem to have a neutral, bored look on their faces at all times, and have not been shown to speak.



  • The concept of hamsters living inside of people's butts in a reference to gerbilling, an act of sexual pleasure, where one will put a tube into their anus, and lure a hamster or gerbil into crawling up the tube and entering their rectum.
    • According to a Rick and Morty Behind the Scenes DVD exclusive, they were originally going to be called Gerbils In Butts.
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