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Healthy Rick (also known as Detox Rick) [1] is a version of Rick Sanchez who appears in Rest and Ricklaxation. He is the product of "Regular Rick" having Toxic Rick (aka Gunk Rick) removed from him. Later he coerces Toxic/Gunk into re-unifying by threatening to kill Toxic Morty/Gunk Morty.


He appears much more like Regular Rick than his counterpart, however, his skin is slightly lighter. Another part is that Detox Rick doesn't have the green alcohol spill on his lip, suggesting that Rick's alcoholism is a part of his toxic personality.


Healthy Rick is more generous, upbeat, and caring than regular Rick. He's also more polite as at one point, he excused himself after burping. He was more open with his emotions, telling that he loved Morty and also cared about the Toxic parts of them, suffering. Despite this, however, Healthy Rick describes Toxic Rick as narcissistic, lonely, and irrational due to his concern for Morty. Meaning, Detox Rick isn't attached to Morty like Toxic Rick, seeing it as irrational. He even ended up shooting Toxic Morty without any hesitation just to get Toxic Rick back into him.


Healthy Rick in his garage, setting up a machine to remerge their Toxic selves.

Healthy Rick's skin darkens as he absorbs his toxins to become whole.


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