Hologram Rick is a special type of hologram whose chip was implanted in Morty's spine by Rick some time in the past. His job was to direct Morty whenever Rick dies or some kind of crisis happens.


Hologram Rick takes Rick's appearance, yet he is transparent with a distinctive blue tint and glow around him. Upon being merged with the ferrofluid, he gains mass and grows into a gigantic version of Rick, his lower torso and legs being wrapped around the ferrofluid that Morty used.


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Hey hey! Ho ho! Not cloning your grandpa has got to go!

When Morty came into contact with a Death Crystal, he began to have visions with him as an old man, dying with his love interest, Jessica, by his side. He begins to selfishly pursue his goal, doing anything to get to his ideal death, even going as far as killing his grandfather in a car crash.

This activates Hologram Rick, who was especially made for these types of things. He instructs Morty to revive Rick by gathering a tissue sample from his corpse, yet Morty became more focused on the Death Crystal, refusing to bring his grandfather back to life. Hologram Rick, despite being programmed for tolerance, openly protests Morty's pursuit of the Death Crystal. When a school bully plans on killing Morty, Hologram Rick made a deal with Morty, but upon going into the garage, Morty breaks the deal, using the Death Crystal as a compass to figure out the combination to Rick's safe.

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The Rick-bomination, now a hostile being, was once Hologram Rick.

He is seen again when Rick returned inside of one of Wasp Rick's clones, along with Wasp Rick himself. Hologram Rick told Rick what had happened, and they found Morty, who had become a massive tree-like abomination, waiting for further instructions from the Death Crystal.

When they busted in, Morty became hostile and attempted to kill them with a built-in blaster, not realizing that Hologram Rick was indeed, a hologram. This gave Rick the opportunity to rescue Morty and remove the Death Crystal from his forehead, but when the ferrofluid came into contact with Hologram Rick. It wrapped around his legs and made him corporeal, much to his joy at being solid. The Rick-bominaiton to become hostile, and attempt to kill Rick, Morty, and Wasp Rick, but ultimately fails when Wasp Rick stung him in the eyeball, laying eggs inside of him, causing his head to explode, letting out a bunch of mini-Wasp Ricks in the process.


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