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Box Art

The classic game of Jenga with an inter-dimensional twist! Stack three different sections of Rick’s ship battery according to block directives to get it off the ground without toppling the tower.

Product Description

Rick's Battery is dead and needs its parts moving to power the ship! Remove and replace blocks from the Microverse, Miniverse and Teenyverse as directed to build the battery as high as possible. Stack carefully or you'll blow it and have to rebuild! Try and relax while you take turns helping Rick and Morty get off the ground and on with their adventures in this classic game of Jenga with an interdimensional twist! 

Product Details

Age: Ages 17+

Players: 1+ player(s)

Contents Summary:

  • 54 Hardwood Jenga® Blocks
  • 1 Die
  • Loading Tray to Assemble Tower
  • Rules


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