Jerry's Apartment
Jerry's Apartment is a room #826 of a crappy, disgusting old motel, that Jerry moved into, during his divorce with his wife Beth.


In "Rickmancing the Stone", Jerry first moved into his apartment and shortly after, visited by his daughter Summer, who gave him a skull as a momento of the family he formerly had. Later that same day, he was bombarded by a stray dog, who ate his alimony checks instead of his actual food, feeding of Jerry's misery.

In "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy", some brief insight to Jerry's life in his apartment was shown. Jerry had to wash his clothes in the sink, and his bedroom was the same room as his kitchen. He felt nothing but pain and sadness over the loss of his wife and children. Shortly after this, Rick busted into the room and dragged him off to another crazy adventure.

In "Morty's Mind Blowers", Jerry discovered one of his memories was removed by Rick's memory erasing device. When he retrieved one of his memories, he had a vision of a time, he and his wife and children, went through this big extravaganza, trying to send a stranded alien named Gobo, back to space, in the style of the movie, E.T., however, Jerry forgot that he was the one who had to bring Gobo to the scene of the space launch. Instead, he was sitting in his apartment room, watching something on his phone and eating popcorn. By the time the others got there, Gobo was dead, having been forgotten in Jerry's car.

In "The ABC's of Beth", Morty and Summer stopped by their father Jerry's apartment to visit him for his custody day. At that time, Jerry had really gussied up the place, as it was no longer the trash dump it was before. He had earned enough money and decorated the place, enough so that it looked like a fancy hotel suite.

In "The Rickchurian Mortydate", Beth visited her husband Jerry's apartment, when she was in a time of distress, wondering whether she was a clone of herself or the original. Jerry gave her some aroma therapy and told her about the time they first kissed. This caused Beth to fall back in love with Jerry again and allow him back into her life, meaning he could finally leave his trashy old apartment and return to The Smith Residence.

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