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Now that we're back, we can respectfully take it from here.
— The Triceratops

"JuRicksic Mort" is the sixth episode of the sixth season of Rick and Morty. It is the 57th episode of the series overall. It premiered on October 9, 2022. It was written by Nick Rutherford and directed by Kyounghee Lim. The episode is rated TV-14-DL.


Earth's original rulers return with questions — and concerns — about how things are going, spurring Rick to find a way to stop their sweeping changes.


Morty is about to be late for school and asks Rick to help him arrive on time. Rick tries using his portal gun, which he is working on fixing. However, the portal gun is still somewhat unusable, because all it does is summon a Cthulhu-like beast. Rick drives it off and decides to simply drive Morty to school. On the way, Morty brings up the portal gun and Rick tells him that every time someone brings up the portal gun, it demotivates him to fix it and that this is his "process".

When Morty arrives at school, mysterious giant spaceships land everywhere on Earth. The spaceships contain dinosaurs, who are shocked to find out that dinosaurs went extinct on Earth and that evolved monkeys now rule the planet. When those dinosaurs left Earth, the world was a utopia where technology was only used for the good of all living creatures. Their technology was so advanced that they decided to travel to distant corners of the galaxy, helping other planets to achieve the same level of peace. However, upon their return, they see humanity didn't use their technology for building a utopia, so they decide to take matters into their own hands again. At a UN meeting, the three leaders of the dinosaurs—a Tyrannosaurus, a Brachiosaurus, and a Triceratops—convince the planet's leaders to take a vacation and enjoy life while they change the world for the better. The dinosaurs end world hunger, remove the necessity for jobs, and solve all of humanity's other problems.

Everyone is now free to enjoy their lives, and Morty, Summer, and Beth eventually get very bored from having nothing to do anymore. Jerry finally manages to publish his book, titled "Never Trying Never Fails". The President phone-calls Rick, who meets him at a restaurant called "Bar-Beau-Q". The President is tired of doing nothing all day and asks Rick to get rid of the dinosaurs, however, the dinosaurs' presence don't affect Rick since he's used to living responsibility-free. The President makes a deal with Rick: if he gets rid of the dinosaurs, Rick can host the 95th Annual Academy Awards. Rick accepts.

Rick and Morty meet the dinosaurs' three leaders. Rick introduces himself as the most powerful human being alive, and tells the dinosaurs he is willing to share the secrets of interdimensional travel so that they can spread their culture across other universes. The dinosaurs respond by saying they discovered interdimensional travel years ago and that they have a strict "one-universe" policy. They also tell Rick that his portal travel method is sub-optimal, give him an improved portal pistol, and even volunteer to close the interdimensional rift that Evil Morty left behind. After sending Rick and Morty back to their house, Rick gets enraged, destroys the portal pistol, and decides to travel to some of the planets that the dinosaurs have previously travelled to.

While going with Morty to other planets, Rick finds out that every planet that used to contain dinosaurs was wiped out by giant meteors, and now each planet has different species with their own explanations of the craters and the dinosaur fossils—from dinosaurs using the craters as amphitheaters to using them as skate parks. As it turns out, the evolution of the dinosaurs into morally perfect creatures led the universe to seek balance by devolving some creatures that wreak havoc across the galaxy, and those creatures were sentient meteors who seek out their nemesis: the dinosaurs.

Back on Earth, the dinosaurs turn Jerry's book into a manual for humanity to survive the lack of problems. Unfortunately for Jerry, he doesn't get credit because the dinosaurs believe the manual's author simply wants to spread the word and wasn't expecting credit. Rick and Morty arrive back on Earth and Rick reveals that there's a screaming meteor headed for them, causing the entire human population to revolt against the dinosaurs.

After spending some time devising a solution to the meteor problem that doesn't require violence, the dinosaurs decide to leave Earth for its own good. The planet reverts back to its old state, with war, crime, hunger, pollution, and the destruction of natural resources. People are content, though, as having so many troubles distract them from the emptiness of existence. Rick celebrates his victory during the 95th Annual Academy Awards. Still, when he learns backstage that the dinosaurs are on Mars, ready to sacrifice themselves to the meteors, he leaves in a hurry.

Rick travels to Mars and claims he will wait for the killer meteor with the dinosaurs, risking his life out of pettiness. The meteor is rapidly approaching and the dinosaurs attempt to teleport Rick away, but he dino-proofed himself so that they can't do so. The dinosaurs are distressed by the thought of a meteor killing a human, so eventually one of the dinosaurs resorts to destroying the rock. To get Rick back, the dinosaurs close up the rift in the Central Finite Curve, and Rick yells in despair that the rift could have been used to be milked for a whole season, or "like, a three-episode arc, at least", making a subtle reference to Gravity Falls' event Weirdmageddon. He ultimately channels his energy into fixing his portal gun, while Jerry tries to write a second book.

In a post-credits scene, the dinosaurs are now on another unknown planet, where they actually use a crater as a skate park.


Major characters[]

Minor characters[]



Episode notes[]

  • In celebration of Season 6, Pocket Mortys' weekly updates coincided with new episodes, including new avatars for players to collect. With the release of this episode came Beau as an avatar, plus Triceratops Morty and Tyrant Lizard Morty to catch.

Series continuity[]

Cultural references[]

  • The episode's title is a reference to the film Jurassic Park.
    • This is the second episode title to reference the film. The first episode was "Anatomy Park".
    • This episode contains many references to the franchise such as Morty commenting “Clever girl” to one of the dinosaurs and Rick mentions how him and Morty will be like Laura Dern and “get elbow-deep in dino doo doo”. Furthermore, on one of the planets Rick and Morty visit, an alien mentions how they plan to create a series of increasingly terrible movies of cloning dinosaurs at a theme park.
  • The Dinosaurs' arrival style, down to their interaction style with humanity (and the spacecraft they arrive in), references the 2016 film Arrival, in which aliens visit Earth offering a gift (as a gift was offered to Rick) with "no sinister endgame in mind/no desire for conflict" [2], something that "pushes all of Rick's buttons"[2].
  • Bar Beau Q is a reference to Freddy's BBQ Joint from the American version of House of Cards, as both are barbecue restaurants frequented by the President of the United States.
  • When the pamphlet is open, the center column's header is titled "Ronkonkoma" which is a town on Long Island, New York.
  • Rick reveals to Summer that "every moment at the Oscars is [scripted], even that one thing". This is a likely reference to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on stage at the 94th Academy Awards.
  • When the Dinosaurs show up in the United Nations is a reference to a video from the United Nations[3] that a dinosaur talk about humans are leading themselves to extinction.
  • The after credits scene with the Dinosaurs skateboarding may be a reference to Denver, The Last Dinosaur a 1988 cartoon about a dinosaur who hatched in modern times and was taught how to skateboard by a group of teens.
  • Mr. Goldenfold mentions the film, The Faculty, when listing off Morty protocol scenarios that happened.
  • When The President discusses with the dinosaurs, The President compares their arrival to a possible invasion like Thanos’ forces from the Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Avengers: Endgame.
  • The dinosaurs mention that the humans should focus on developing more Marvel movies and mention Ant-Man as a character they should develop more.
  • The President mentions the television series, Westworld, after finding out that Beau is a robot Rick created.
  • At the Bar Beau Q restaurant, The President mentions the film, Zero Dark Thirty, when discussing how Rick should get rid of the dinosaurs.
  • Rick mentions the video game, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3, when realizing how easy skateboarding looks in the game after failing at grinding on a crater.
  • At the Oscars, Rick makes Tom Hanks shout out his famous line from the film, Castaway.
  • After getting teleported, Rick compares the dinosaurs to Doctor Manhattan, a character from the Watchmen comic book series.
  • The meteors bare a resemblance to the Moon from the video game, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.
  • The dinosaurs appear on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast to discuss the meteor heading towards Earth.
  • Morty mentions the social networking service, TikTok, when Morty mentions how the dinosaurs kicked all predators off of it.
  • Rick mentions actor Sean Penn as an example of a person virtue signaling hard to make up for their past mistakes.
  • The Cthulhu like beast that shows up in the malfunctioning portal is the exact same one that appears at the end of the opening theme sequence.


  • The ruins of the Citadel are shown existing in the Parmesan dimension, despite the Citadel being destroyed in Dimension C-131.
    • This is most likely a visual mistake, because at the beginning of the episode it is said that Earth scientists discovered the wormhole created by the Evil Morty to exit the Central Finite Curve, these faults were opened in all the universes of the Central Finite Curve, but they did not say anything about the Citadel's remains.
    • Alternatively, since the Central Finite Curve is an infinite set of universes where Rick is the smartest being, therefore there are an infinite number of variations of other Citadels and one of them was in the Parmesan dimension while the Citadel that Evil Morty escaped from remains in Dimension C-131.
  • The episode makes several implied references to the popular saying that petroleum is the remains of dinosaurs(i.e. "dino juice"), when in fact, most of the organic material that eventually formed crude oil fields came from plankton.


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