Stop being such a fucking tease, you sweet little twat!
—Mr. Jellybean to Morty as he forces himself onto him in a public bathroom stall.

King Jellybean (also referred to as Mr. Jellybean) was a character featured in the episode "Meeseeks and Destroy". King Jellybean was a giant anthropomorphic jelly bean. It was later revealed that he was the king of a poor village that Rick and Morty agreed to help.


Mr. Jellybean was the beloved king of an impoverished, medieval-style village located in a fairy tale world. During their adventure to bring wealth to the village, (part of a bet between them involving Morty picking the adventure on the grounds that Morty would lose if he gives up) an argument with Rick at a tavern sends a frustrated Morty into the bathroom where he runs into Jellybean. While Mr. Jellybean appears at first to offer comforting advice to the upset youth, his benevolent demeanor suddenly changes when he starts coming on to Morty until it becomes clear that he's a violently aggressive pedophile and rapist. He forces Morty into one of the stalls and tries to molest him until a sudden adrenaline rush gives Morty the strength he needs to beat Jellybean off, before anything happened to him.


Rick MAD RayGun

Rick fires his laser gun through the portal...

Following the traumatic incident, Morty emerges from the bathroom disheveled and tearful, wanting nothing more than to quit and give up the bet, followed soon afterward by the heavily injured Mr. Jellybean. Upon looking at the state both are in, Rick deduces what had happened and offers to give the money he had won gambling while Morty was in bathroom to the villagers, thereby completing the adventure and losing the bet to Morty.

Jellybean killed

...leading to King Jellybean's long awaited death.

The two also see Mr. Jellybean is the king of the village and opt not to meet him. Rick and Morty then return to their dimension, though Rick reopens the portal just long enough to kill Jellybean with a well placed shot from his ray gun as revenge for his actions.


After King Jellybean's death, a statue is erected in his honor in the town square. An official is admiring the statue when a servant comes running up to show a box that he just discovered among the late king's possessions. The contents are never shown but are strongly suggested to be graphic pictures of him molesting other young boys as the official is disgusted by it. When the servant asks what they should do, the official decides to burn the incriminating evidence, stating that the townspeople would "get more from the idea he represented than from the jellybean he actually was."


King Jellybean was a pedophile, he had a kind and friendly appearance, which he uses to lure in his victims, which masks his true nature. He is assumed to have raped many children and boys because his memorial statue depicts him standing behind a child, massaging his shoulders and licking him. It's also shown that his royal servants found pictures in his home incriminating him. They, however, decided to dispose of this evidence to keep his image good in the eyes of his people.

He seems to prefer boys around Morty's age via the reference of his statue and his attempted assault on Morty.


  • A common misconception is that King Jellybean wanted aliens to lick him. This comes from a joke on Reddit that the writers wrote to entertain.[1] They did however clear up and blatantly state that the King did in fact try to rape Morty and has committed rape in the past. 
  • This character is also in one of Justin Roiland's cartoon shorts on Channel 101 as Crumply Crumplestien, the host of a show called Unbelievable Tales. He is portrayed as a child murderer in the same short, cutting off two children' faces and sticking them onto his own.[2]


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