And how about the Kitlers, Morty? Those little furballs actually made fascism work, did you know that?
—Rick to Morty[src]

The Kitlers were a race of intelligent cats who lived in the Kitler dimension. They were all massacred by Morty Smith.


The Kitlers look like regular cats, but with a Hitler-style mustache. They may also have been much larger than common cats, even to rival the size of humans.


The Kitlers were known for being one of the few cases where fascism worked. With this system, they did not see an act of violence for 3000 years and lived by their strict laws in peace.

They were visited by Morty, who was on a self-proclaimed crusade against fascism in all dimensions. With a laser gun, Morty shot and killed every kitler he could find before moving on to the next dimension. Rick came following after, only to witness the aftermath of Morty's craze.


  • Kitler is the combination of the words kitten and Hitler
  • Kitler is based on an Internet meme
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