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Run! Run my babies!
—Mr. Goldenfold instructs his children to run[src]

Larva Mr. Goldenfold's grubs were the children Mr. Goldenfold that exists in the Wasp Universe.


While being tortured and eaten alive by the Smith Family, Mr. Goldenfold gives birth to the grubs. Not wanting them to suffer, their father instructs for them to run away.

S4e1 wasp morty

The grubs eaten by Wasp Morty.

However, they don't get very far because Wasp Morty happily proclaims "Bonus!" and promptly eats them, much to their father's dismay.


  • Despite their short appearance, they were the first relatives of Mr. Goldenfold to be seen.
    • However, they were the relatives of another version of him.
  • They were born with their facial hair.
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