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Last Will and Testimeow: Weekend at Dead Cat Lady's House II is a movie written and directed by Jerry Smith C-500A. The trailer for this movie could be watched with an Interdimensional Cable.


The film depicts an old cat lady named Mrs. Sullivan who dies early in the film causing her cats to control her dead body like a puppet to make it look like she is still alive so that they can remain on her estate.


The film received a negative, and almost hostile response from critics and preview screenings. Mitchell Reynolds called the film “A war crime against the art of cinema, and a strong argument for the destruction of America and the First Amendment.”. Michael Thompson of the Opposite News gave perhaps the most scathing review, calling it “A fun romp for the entire family. Jerry Smith is our generation’s Orson Wells.”.[1]


Season 1


  • The plot for the film seems to be based on the film "Weekend at Bernies", where 2 men find their boss dead and carry his body around like a puppet.
  • The film is rated G (general audiences).
  • When learning he wrote and directed the movie, Jerry was horrified and questioned his sanity.


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