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The following is a list of Pocket Mortys trainers and non-playable characters.


Council of Ricks[]

Rick Prime
Rick Prime
PM-icon-031 Level 6 Exo-Alpha Morty
PM-icon-043 Level 6 Spooky Morty
Random Schmeckles
Blips and Chitz Coupon
Council Badge
Quantum Rick
Quanum Rick

PM-icon-010 Level 12 No Eye Morty
PM-icon-003 Level 13 Unkempt Morty
PM-icon-020 Level 14 Beard Morty
PM-icon-068 Level 15 Business Morty

Serum Schmeckles
Mr. Meeseeks Box
Blips and Chitz Coupon
Council Badge
Maximums Rickimus
Maximums Rickimus avatar
PM-icon-056 Level 17 Veiny Morty
PM-icon-041 Level 18 Giant Head Morty
PM-icon-039 Level 19 Off The Grid Morty
PM-icon-077 Level 19 Hammerhead Morty
PM-icon-048 Level 20 Multi Morty
Serum Schmeckles
Level Up Mega Seed
Blips and Chitz Coupon
Council Badge
Zeta Alpha Rick
Zeta Aplha rick
PM-icon-061 Level 25 Wizard Morty
PM-icon-064 Level 26 Psychokinetic Morty
PM-icon-058 Level 27 Skeleton Morty
PM-icon-012 Level 28 Three Eye Morty
PM-icon-069 Level 29 Gaseous Morty
Great Serum Schmeckles
Attack Mega Seed
Defense Mega Seed
Speed Mega Seed
Mr. Meeseeks Box
Blips and Chitz Coupon
Council Badge
Ricktiminus Sancheziminius
Ricktiminus Sancheziminius avatar
PM-icon-066 Level 35 Mermaid Morty
PM-icon-028 Level 36 Green Shirt Morty
PM-icon-055 Level 37 Wrestler Morty
PM-icon-076 Level 38 Robot Morty
PM-icon-075 Level 39 Cowboy Morty
Great Serum
Blips and Chitz Coupon
Council Badge
Riq IV
Riq IV
(Never actually battles)
Mysterious Rick
(Replaces Riq IV in battle)
Crazy Mysterious Rick
PM-icon-053 Level 45 Crazy Cat Morty
PM-icon-042 Level 46 Colossal Head Morty
PM-icon-045 Level 47 Phantom Morty
PM-icon-004 Level 48 Hobo Morty
PM-icon-080 Level 50 Mascot Morty
2x Sensational Serum Schmeckles
Attack Mega Seed
Speed Mega Seed
Defense Mega Seed
Mr. Meeseeks Box
Blips and Chitz Coupon
Council Badge
Portal Gun

Regular trainers[]

The mortys and items each trainer uses is random, and the rewards for beating them always include schmeckles, and a random Item.

Baloogie Mellow
Baloogy Mellow
  • Pre-battle 1: If you want a badge, you're going to have to get through me! Commence battle!
  • Pre-battle 2: Stop right there, Rick! My Mortys are primed for battle. I hope yours are, too.
  • Pre-battle 3: Hey, Rick. Enjoying this dimension? I think you've seen enough of it. I'm about to beat you and send your little party all the way back to the Citadel.
  • Post-battle: Screw you, Rick! You'll pay for what you've done after I've healed my Mortys.
Blerg Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: Blarg flargen glag Morty ga blooen den rago frorg lesten Morty glag blarg gon ga rago glag Morty blarg! Flargen Morty glag rago battle flargo!
  • Pre-battle 2: Fraggen toobee tuk, blooen raga lestrana, Morty goom blarg g grango baggen?
  • Pre-battle 3: Blerg-Kan, pro blerg-kan den raga blerg frorg glag g Morty fuh 'Human Pockets' glag...
  • Post-battle: You... you parasite! I'll get you next time Rick. Just you wait.
  • Pre-battle 1: Bluu doesn't like Rick. Bluu wants to teach Rick lesson.
  • Pre-battle 2: Bluu is strong. Bluu is clever. Bluu is gunna win.
  • Pre-battle 3: Bluu is not in the mood for losing to stupid Rick. Bluu will win easy.
  • Post-battle: Bluu not happy with Bluu's performance today. Bluu does not want to see Rick's face again.
  • Pre-battle 1: Not so quick, Rick. I challenge you to a battle!
  • Pre-battle 2: Ahh, Rick. What a lovely day it is to smell the flowers, admire the scenery, take a dip in the pond... But it'll be more fun to take you down to loser town, so let's do that.
  • Pre-battle 3: Rick, you're making this dimension look untidy. Let's fix that by kicking you out!
  • Post-battle: Grrrrr. Leave me alone, Rick. No one likes a bad winner.
Flipperdee Fluflops
Flipperdee Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: Flooped in sa doopperlie doogalies gonna Rick. Soo Morty k-uumpt naa!
  • Pre-battle 2: Floopes gonna Floop n Rick gonna doogles soo na goopimplie boo Rick...
  • Pre-battle 3: Wanna doogal Rick? Cos Na waagu doogal Rick. Doogalie Doogals woo up sa Morty naa!
  • Post-battle: Fwopp? Soo k-uumpt FlipperdeeFluflops’ goopy doogalies guu!!
  • Pre-battle 1: Gruu Gra-Gra ga gruu graa gruu gawaa Goompa ga.
  • Pre-battle 2: Gra grample guu Graa groom gug gawaa bragga braa.
  • Pre-battle 3: Graa graa Grable-grable Gruubragga grabraa Gru graa graa. Grabbles bragga grump grump gaa!
  • Post-battle: GRAAAA!! blagga blagga Gra-Gra gump...
Gloop Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: Aa Rick, Goop ga Morty winkles bragg Eccrine ga woosh...
  • Pre-battle 2: Gloop wadda pon Rick wid pootie-pootie Morty 'n wagu. Pzz, at Morty? HA HA HA!
  • Pre-battle 3: Poot ma? Patootie Rick? Chu ga shoopie Phlegm waggle-flip Rick...
  • Post-battle: W-w-waa? Ma Morty to urea pusha! Loss Loss.
Gobpa Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: Cho ga Morty n Exocrine simsim gu gooty. Ga ‘uman Mucous bittle goo a Rick!
  • Pre-battle 2: Hoe wazzle Rick, poot tu Myelo noozie tru al chu ga Morty fel Joka!
  • Pre-battle 3: Cu wassa go iib chu Hard tu 'nuff Rick. Chu anna ga Morty flaggles!
  • Post-battle: Fuh pipplie peep gu swibble Rick!
Goobagobaga Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: Graa Gorty blraa ga Gru-Groops gagga blagga-goo graa!
  • Pre-battle 2: Graa grammple gra-gragria braa bragrable Grabble Groty grambragga.
  • Pre-battle 3: Grable gramble graa gra Groty gaggles grabragga bragga. GRABBA GRABBAA!!
  • Post-battle: g-g-gaa? gooba Goobagobaga!
Humox 5
Humox 5
  • Pre-battle 1: This mask I wear represents my superior battling skills to others of my race. You will not win against a true master like me.
  • Pre-battle 2: My people despise this pointless Morty craze. It is a distraction from the interdimensional war against evil. Let's get this over and done with quickly so I can return to issues that bear actual significance.
  • Pre-battle 3: My people nominated me to represent our race in this stupid Morty fad. I cannot let them down. I will not lose to you, Rick.
  • Post-battle: Gah! I'm an insult to my own people. They will never allow me to return home.
  • Pre-battle 1: Hey, Rick! I think I'm getting the hang of Morty battling. Go easy though, nobody likes a bad sport.
  • Pre-battle 2: Oh! Hi, Rick. I wasn't expecting to battle against family. But let's have a bit of fun while we're both here!
  • Pre-battle 3: Hey, Rick! I'm really getting into this! Please, let's keep this between us though, okay? I don't want Beth getting involved too, you know how competitive she can be.
  • Post-battle: No! Morty... Moooorttyyy!!! Rick, you took that battle way too seriously.
Masy Kallerax
Masy Kallerax
  • Pre-battle 1: This is so much fun! My Mortys are just the best. They feel like family already. I'm so jealous you get to be related for real. Shall we let them play together?
  • Pre-battle 2: I was just chatting with my Mortys. They're so darn funny! I know they moan a bit before battle, but I can see how much they enjoy it after the first few rounds.
  • Post-battle: Ah, Rick, I'm sorry my Mortys didn't put up much of a fight. I'm sure they will try harder next time.
Prax Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: I've got my eye on you, Rick. No funny business, okay? Let's play by the rules.
  • Pre-battle 2: I have just rememberd, I left the stove on. Let's have one quick battle, then I must get home pronto.
  • Post-battle: Wow, my Mortys are useless. I think I'll release them and find some new ones.
Priix Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: I've given more attention to my Mortys than I have to my own kids. If you think you're a more dedicated trainer than me, you are very much mistaken.
  • Pre-battle 2: My Mortys call me Mom. You'll never have that bond, Rick. They will never love you like mine love me. They won't let Mother down this time.
  • Post-battle: How dare you, Rick!? My poor little Mortys, all dazed and confused. You'll be hearing from my lawyer!
Shmupiedoop Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: Yo yo yo, Rick! What you doin' in my hood? Think you can walk around here like a free man? I think not!
  • Pre-battle 2: Blarble starble, if it's not Rick the Schmick! I hear you think you can go all the way. Well, I'm here to put a stop to that.
  • Post-battle: Oh hell, Rick! No need to get all up in my grill. Get out of here!
Snisserchoops Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: Zoo Snisserchoops choops Prrr Rrick n Rrick-orty butter!!
  • Pre-battle 2: Snisserchoops Prrr Rrick, Prraada e wooble Prr Prr. SNISSERCHOOOOOPS graa!!
  • Pre-battle 3: Snisserchoops droodru fo mooga Rrick. Orr as yoou Eearth men says, 'in your bassoon'.
  • Post-battle: boop..BOOP! Snisser bloo!!
Snoofy Snooples
Snoofy Snooples Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: Prr ferr fo tubble, Maa e dubble, SNOOFY SNOO!!
  • Pre-battle 2: SNOOFY SNOO!! Prr prr mmmm e rururu Rrick. SNOOFY SNOO WOOZOO!!
  • Pre-battle 3: Nu nu Prr fu Rrick n Rrick-orty foodangraa...
  • Post-battle: Aww, Snoofy snooed...
  • Pre-battle 1: I've been combining my Mortys at Morty Day Care! They're stronger than ever. You won't stand a chance!
  • Pre-battle 2: I just crafted a batch of Serum. My Mortys are up to full health and ready for battle!
  • Post-battle: Damn, Rick, just take it easy, yeah? Mortys don't grow on trees!
Tuuie Tumtops
Tuuie Tumtops Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: My Mortys have been acting weird since I combined them at Morty Day Care. No matter-- they're stronger than ever. You don't stand a chance!
  • Pre-battle 2: I've been crafting Mega Seeds all day. Now it's time to try out my upgraded Mortys on a chump like you!
  • Post-battle: Well, color me orange. I wasn't expecting such a showdown.
Wimpeebax Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: Wooo Wooo WOOOO wick. Wooo Wooo Woo...
  • Pre-battle 2: ooooo OOOOOO WOOOOOOOO woo. Woo wick, woooo...
  • Pre-battle 3: Wooo Wimple? Woo Wooo Wimple wick oooOOOOOO...
  • Post-battle: wa? oooo OOOO WOOOOOO!
Xqutoopikk Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: X qu Ick, N qu M-ortkys’ qu kaaxxn’ kraxx!
  • Pre-battle 2: Xqutoopikk xquik x Ick Xatta qa Ick N qu M-ortky' quququ...
  • Pre-battle 3: Ikka Ick a qu gii X qu e X xere. Wzzawzza Riiickxt tu...
  • Post-battle: X qu? qu quakk Xqutoopikk M-ortkys kd!!
Zan Quattaxa Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: WOOOO oooo, Errrath m-aaaan Reeeck. Wooo woo!
  • Pre-battle 2: Wooo zu wazzle zanna zanna Wooo woo wick. Zanna zanna woo...
  • Pre-battle 3: Wooo Zannabox wooo? Zannabox woops wick Woooo woo...
  • Post-battle: Woozoo woo woo OOOH pop.
Zan Quattaxa
Zannabox Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: Xxx qu Xquu Xxxk 98.6f t 0.0f nxx xq 0hx too. Hx Hx Hx Ick!
  • Pre-battle 2: Hx Hx, Xxxx t Xquu, 505hz t Xatta, n17hz nxx qu qukk?
  • Pre-battle 3: Hx Hx Hx, qu Xquu a 2-3hz? Hx Hx Hx 0hx too? Qu xxxt 160dB mzzz, qu X, Hx Hx Hx!
  • Post-battle: Qu gquaa Quatt, Ick. Qu gquaa Quatt, Ick ooou.

Gym Leader Ricks[]

The Mortys and items each trainer uses is random, and the rewards for beating them always include schmeckles, a random Item, and a gym badge.

Beard Rick

Beard Rick

  • Pre-battle 1: If you want a badge, you're going to have to get through me! Commence battle!
  • Pre-battle 2: House Rules, Rick. No dirty moves and keep your Mortys under control at all times.*Let's go!
  • Post-battle: You make me so mad, Rick. One of these days I'm going to take you down.
Flat Top Rick

Flat Top Rick Sprite

  • Pre-battle 1: Hey, I’m the Rick that has flat hair. That's me, Flat Top Rick. That's what they call me. So, let's battle.
  • Pre-battle 2: My hair is flat. But only on the top. I keep it a bit shorter on the sides but on the top it's just plain flat. So, let's battle.
  • Post-battle: Maybe I need to spend more time training my Mortys and less time on my hair...
Four Eyes Rick

Four Eyes Rick

  • Pre-battle 1: I have assessed the situation and the probability of me winning this battle is rather high. Let's see if you can beat the odds, Rick.
  • Pre-battle 2: I ran a simulation of this battle and I can assure you that there is no way you can win.
  • Post-battle: I need to get my vision checked. For a minute there, it looked like you won...
Mustache Rick
Mustache Rick Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: I don't quite see the point of all this, but if we must!
  • Pre-battle 2: I feel I should be above all of this battling. But a Rick's got to do what a Rick's got to do.
  • Post-battle: Did you cheat? This can’t be right. I demand a replay.
Bald Rick
Bald Rick Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: This is my time to shine! I'm taking you down, Rick!
  • Pre-battle 2: I’m going to beat you and it is going to be glorious!*You don’t stand a chance.
  • Post-battle: That's not how this was meant to end!*Luck was on your side this time, Rick.
Alien Rick
Alien Rick Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: Groopedie Gooby-doop. boobaly boozle pop frizzle frazzle Morty...
  • Pre-battle 2: Morty Ch-chubee doowa doop, Scattatuie razzle Kaaka noob.
  • Post-battle: Huh? Dooberly doo wooped in tha Doobies Morty-pop!!
Aqua Rick
Aqua Rick Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: You think you've got what it takes to defeat *me*? Ha, good luck with that!
  • Pre-battle 2: This is the Rick you'll wish you had never challenged.*Don’t be to hard on yourself when you lose.
  • Post-battle: Damn you, Rick! Look at my Morty! They don't even know which day it is. Get out!
Bubble Gum Rick

Bubble Gum Rick Sprite

  • Pre-battle 1: You're going to look mighty silly when you're the one with gum all over your face, Rick!
  • Pre-battle 2: I’m on my last piece of gum so let's make this quick.
  • Post-battle: I never did like you, Rick!* Take this badge and get out of here.
Novelist Rick

Novelist Rick

  • Pre-battle 1: I’m the best-selling author on Morty battling. Let me show you how real Morty training is done!
  • Pre-battle 2: I have almost finished writing my guides for combining, crafting, and questing! Let me see if this battle reveals anything I’ve missed.
  • Post-battle: I think I’m going to leave this chapter out of my next book.
Doofus Rick

Doofus Rick

  • Pre-battle 1: Don’t make fun of my Mortys, Rick. They're the best I have. I’m just getting good! Look, I’ll show you.
  • Pre-battle 2: If your Mortys mean something to you, that is all that matters. Be kind and gentle and they will love you in return.
  • Post-battle: Don't rub it in, Rick. I know I lost. I never win anything.
Cowboy Rick

Cowboy Rick Sprite

  • Pre-battle 1: Howdy 'buurp'! I'm the sheriff around these parts.*I beat outlaws like you all the time. You won't be taking my badge from me that easily, partner!
  • Pre-battle 2: Out West, a man must put up if he's to see what kind of a’ Morty he’s been a' raising.* Are you such a man, Rick? Or are you just a no-good, dimension-hopping toad?
  • Post-battle: You're no partner of mine. Get out of here!
Cyclops Rick

Cyclops Rick Sprite

  • Pre-battle 1: You think you can beat me just because you've got an extra eye? Let's do this!
  • Pre-battle 2: What I lack in depth perception, I make up in kick-ass Mortys. You're going down, Rick.
  • Post-battle: Get out, out! I'd rather lose my eye than see you again.
Dandy Rick

Dandy Rick

  • Pre-battle 1: Oh, dearest Rick, the mark of a good Morty is how far he will battle for his Rick against all others and against all odds, and I must say...* My Mortys are so very, very good...
  • Pre-battle 2: Rick, darling! What terrible fate would make such playthings of us all that we must place our Mortys at odds with one another?*Oh, terrible fate...
  • Post-battle: What tragedy befalls Dandy Rick this day? Oh, woe is me!
Evil Rick
Evil Rick Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: We are a lot alike, you and I. Except im going to win this battle and you are not!
  • Pre-battle 2: I’m taking all the Mortys I catch back to my dimension and you're not going to stop me. Your Mortys don’t even look like they're worth it. Do your worst!
  • Post-battle: Is that the best you can do, Rick? I barely felt a scratch.
Guilty Rick
  • Pre-battle 1: In years to come, the other Ricks will look back on this battle with fond memories.
  • Pre-battle 2: I’ve seen things, Rick. Terrible, Morty-related things.
  • Post-battle: My Mortys will go down with the truth and I shall never speak of it.
Junk Yard Rick

Junk Yard Rick Sprite

  • Pre-battle 1: Think you're hard enough to beat me? My Mortys have done unspeakable things and they'll do them again!
  • Pre-battle 2: I found a new Morty in a pile of junk while I was out in my yard. I think he had been out there for weeks. Let's see how he battles.
  • Post-battle: That's it. I’m releasing all of my Mortys and finding new ones.
Zero Rick
Zero Rick Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: I don't even care if I win or lose. Nothing matters anyway, the world will go on without us.
  • Pre-battle 2: I guess we could battle, but it’s not like it will change anything, Rick. Our existence means very little and this battle will most likely get lost in history.
  • Post-battle: You won. It’s a shame no one else cares.
Miami Rick
Miami Rick
  • Pre-battle 1: Have you ever watched the sunset, Rick? Maybe you'll have time tonight while you're licking your wounds.
  • Pre-battle 2: I left the beach for this? You'd better make it worth my while, Rick.
  • Post-battle: I think I've been in the sun for too long. I need to lie down for a bit.
Robot Rick
Robot Rick
  • Pre-battle 1: I just upgraded my RAM, so you're in big trouble. Run C:\\Users\\Rick\\Battle.prog.
  • Pre-battle 2: Wrong time to be battling me, Rick. I just had a clean install. Run C:\\Users\\Rick\\Battle.prog.
  • Post-battle: I need more upgrades! Next time you see me, I'll be more powerful than ever.
Shibuya Rick

Shibuya Rick Sprite

  • Pre-battle 1: You think you have what it takes to beat me, Rick? It's all about mind over matter.
  • Pre-battle 2: We can battle, Rick. Just don't get my clothes dirty. It takes work to look this good, Rick. I don't need you messing it up.
  • Post-battle: My Morty's power level must be too low. I need to train more.
Super Fan Rick

Super Fan Rick Sprite

  • Pre-battle 1: Your Mortys look so cool! Let me see them. They look like they're no match for my Mortys. Let's find out!
  • Pre-battle 2: I used all my coupons at a Blips and Chitz machine. Now I have all these cool Mortys. Let's see how well they battle.
  • Post-battle: Wow, what a battle! Let's go collect more Mortys from new dimensions and do it again.
The Scientist Known As Rick
Scientist Known As Rick Sprite
  • Pre-battle 1: I hear your mother was never satisfied, Rick. Does it hurt?
  • Pre-battle 2: Nothing compares to me. Do you want to know what it feels like when Ricks cry?
  • Post-battle: I'd like you to leave now, Rick. I need some alone time.
Guard Rick
Guard Rick
  • Pre-battle 1: No one gets past me! You will be no different.
  • Pre-battle 2: I'm going to beat you and stop you from earning my badge so you can’t battle the council!
  • Post-battle: Please, don't tell the council that I failed them.

Morty Games trainers[]

See also: Morty Games

The items the trainers use in battle and the rewards once you defeat them are random.

  • Pre-battle: Assimilate my lower supportive ectodermal layer, man.
  • Post-battle: Ay, chuba chuba.
Glorgan Machio
Glorgan Machio
  • Pre-battle: There’s no Morty pusher in the local cluster as swift and alkaline as Glorgan Machio.
  • Post-battle: My regurgitative ducts overflow, bloated with the shame of losing to a warm blood.
Tazokrak Jones
Tazokrak Jones
  • Pre-battle: My gestational surrogate pod said to knock you out, so I’m gonna knock you out.
  • Post-battle: They’re never going to allow me back into the hive now! Not after losing to you...
Humox 7
Humox 7
  • Pre-battle: We Humoxies are unable to feel the same emotions as a human. However, battling Mortys gives us an insight into the pain your species revels in. I wish to demonstrate this emotion of "pain" upon your Mortys.
  • Post-battle: Did you see that, Rick? With every hit they scream out with joy. Oh, how they love it.
Humox 10
Humox 10
  • Pre-battle: I watch my Mortys battle so that I might experience true emotions. I want you to make me feel, Rick. Please, show them the cruel truths of this world.
  • Post-battle: Yes, that’s it, Rick. Take in their misery. Feel that sweet sensation wash over you.
Humox 50
Humox 50
  • Pre-battle: I hoped you would make it this far, Rick. I look forward to absorbing your pain when I defeat you. I won't hold back, Rick. I will make you beg to save your Mortys.
  • Post-battle: You have proven you revel in the darkness like us, Rick. Detach yourself from your feelings and you may yet save this world.
Jerry Headism
  • Pre-battle: Woohoo! Giant head in the sky! Floaty-floaty! Cranial snatcher, so big, so supreme!
  • Post-battle: Twinkle twinkle giant head! Sparkle, sparkle.
  • Pre-battle: In my dimension we have learned to live in peace with the heavenly heads. If there is anyone that can please them, it is I.
  • Post-battle: In my dimension we have learned to live in peace with the heavenly heads. If there is anyone that can please them, it is I.
  • Pre-battle: RICK! We must end this now, no more substitutes! I have come to the conclusion that the giant head wants to see you pulverized into tiny pieces. I'm stepping up to the plate to give him the ultimate showdown!
  • Post-battle: Uh... What the?!
Ants In My Eyes Johnson
Ants In My Eyes Johnson
  • Pre-battle: I’m Ants In My Eyes Johnson. Here at Ants In My Eyes Johnson Electronics, we care about the treatment of Mortys, I think... I cannot tell as there are so many ants in my eyes!
  • Post-battle: I’m not sure if I won or lost as there are so many ants in my eyes at this moment... I’m Ants In My Eyes Johnson, caring about Mortys!
Mr. Sneezy
Mr. Sneezy
  • Pre-battle: Oww, I’m Mr Sneezy ... -achoo- Here to help raise awareness about the terrible ... -achoo- ... things that can happen to a Morty late at night. LET’S BATTLE!
  • Post-battle: You really ... -achoo- ... blew out Mr Sneezy on that one.
Lil' Bits
Lil' Bits
  • Pre-battle: Each year, over 3 Mortys will be neglected and possibly even abandoned by their Ricks. Those little M's should have come over to Lil' Bits-- we’ve got you covered!
  • Post-battle: Looks like you beat me you dumb piece of... Haha, just kidding. Remember, if your mouth’s tiny and small come on over to Lil’ Bits. We’ve got you covered.
Trunk Person
Trunk Person avatar
  • Pre-battle: Hi, I’m a Trunk Person. I know what Denny and The Denny Singers would do if they could get their hands on a helpless Morty. As a trunk person I’m not about to let that happen... are you?
  • Post-battle: Well, I hope my public defeat has raised some Schmeckles for the poor homeless Mortys out there.
Mrs. Sullivan
Mrs Sullivan
  • Pre-battle: Why hello there young man, I’m dying to tell you all about my upcoming movie. Between you, me and Puss-puss here it’s the only reason I care about Mortys right now.
  • Post-battle: Shoot, you got me good. I'd just like to mention that my latest movie - Last Will & Testimeow: Weekend at Dead Cat Lady's House II, is in theaters across selected dimensions this summer.
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins
  • Pre-battle: I’m Michael Jenkins, here to fill all you TWERPS in ‘bouts the bad things that's been a-happening to those MORTYS, ya hear? It ain’t right.
  • Post-battle: Can’t believe a beanpole like you and a bunch of WIMPS beat the JENKINS. Fair play, old man.
The Eyehole Man
The Eyehole Man
  • Pre-battle: They asked me to help promote awareness of the daily suffering of Mortys. But I don’t care about that, I just want my eyeholes! I’m The Eyehole Man, I’m the only one allowed to have eye holes around here.
  • Post-battle: You beat The Eyehole Man, you better not be looking in my eyeholes. Get up on out of here with my eyeholes.
How Did I Get Here Presenter
How Did I Get Here Presenter
  • Pre-battle: Hi, you may recognize me from the popular show ‘How Did I Get Here?’ but tonight I’ll be asking, how did I get these MORTYS?
  • Post-battle: Whoa, easy there, tiger. Looks like you beat me tonight. Hoping to see you again real soon...
Mr. Stealy
Mr. Stealy
  • Pre-battle: Hey, I’m Stealy. I'm here to talk to you about those Mortys. Did you know that, each year, 10 million hundred Mortys go missing about the place? Here’s some I ... found.
  • Post-battle: Wow, what an adventure we just had there. Looks like Stealy came out last though. Back to the quiet safe room to work over my Mortys some more.
Octopus Man
Octopus Man sprite
  • Pre-battle: I’m Octopus Man, hahaha. I’m a marine biologist who was bitten by an octopus. Now I'm here to help people, uh, here tonight. I’ve gotta save some trouble with the Mortys.
  • Post-battle: Haha, I’m a troublesome octopus person and it looks like I lost tonight. Too many witnesses for the trouble-mite to help out Octopus Man this time.
Handsome Jerry
Handsome Jerry
  • Pre-battle: I make my Mortys eat a whole chicken before every battle! It gives them the protein they need to stay strong.
  • Post-battle: You might have beaten me, Rick, but you won't break the bond between us Jerrys!
Suit Jerry
Suit Jerry
  • Pre-battle: Your request to win this battle is about to be denied, Rick!
  • Post-battle: Oh no, not like this! I hope Beth isn't watching...
Underwear Jerry
Underwear Jerry
  • Pre-battle: Time to show you who really wears the pants around here!
  • Post-battle: I'm not going to lie. That cooould have gone better.
Self-Promoting Jerry
Self-Promoting Jerry
  • Pre-battle: I'm Jerry Smith and this battle will be just another drop in my ocean of greatness.
  • Post-battle: A loss is just an opportunity to learn and get better. I'm glad this was the outcome!
No Good Jerry
No Good Jerry
  • Pre-battle: You think you can take a stab at me? I'm not a pushover like the other Jerrys.
  • Post-battle: You'll regret you ever crossed me, Rick!
Super Morty Fan Jerry
Super Morty Fan Jerry
  • Pre-battle: I've been studying Mortys ever since I caught my first one. I know everything about them, there's simply no way I'll lose.
  • Post-battle: But, my Mortys love me! H-h-how can it end like this??
Mascot Jerry
Mascot Jerry
  • Pre-battle: I'm here to motivate the Jerrys back to the top! After they see our battle, people will have no doubt that Jerrys are the greatest.
  • Post-battle: I'm here to motivate the Jerrys back to the top! After they see our battle, people will have no doubt that Jerrys are the greatest.
Inflatable Jerry
Inflatable Jerry
  • Pre-battle: ---
  • Post-battle: ---
Paul Fleischman
Paul Fleischman
  • Pre-battle: When I win, I'm taking the crown! Paul Fleischman and his band of Pauls will rule on!
  • Post-battle: I take no responsibility for this. It was all Jerry. Yes, blame Jerry!
King Jerry
King Jerry
  • Pre-battle: I don't need those other Jerrys! I can take you down myself. Long live the King!
  • Post-battle: I... I just wanted to show the world that Jerrys aren't worthless...
  • 1st Pre-battle: I'm a domestic Morty breeder. I've chosen only the best pedigrees to show today. Let's see how good you really are.
  • 1st Post-battle: Your Mortys are like wild animals, Rick! Sit, Morty. Sit.

  • 2nd Pre-battle: Oh, right. We were supposed to shower and wash our Mortys... I might have slacked a little in the upkeep of these Mortys.
  • 2nd Post-battle: Mortys are just too cute! I can't tell them what to do.

  • 3rd Pre-battle: My Mortys made all their own costumes. Don't be too hard on them, Rick!
  • 3rd Post-battle: Nothing like a bit of fantasy role playing among a dog and his Mortys.
  • 1st Pre-battle: I see Rex tried to pass off some of his shoddy Mortys. What you want is a breeder who trains Mortys to win, Rick!
  • Post-battle: They might be a little scary to look at, but they still need love, Rick. Not every Morty is a looker.

  • 2nd Pre-battle: My Mortys have been shaved and trimmed to competition standards. Good luck matching their prowess in battle.
  • 2nd Post-battle: Not bad, Cadet. Not bad.

  • 3rd Pre-battle: Hey, Rick. I'll be honest, I'm a big fan of this game. My Mortys just wanted to show how much they appreciate the effort you've put in.
  • 3rd Post-battle: I'll be sure to leave a 5 star review, Rick. That's a nice thing that cool people do when they enjoy a mobile game. Am I being clear enough? Is this carrying well?
  • 1st Pre-battle: I carry only the finest of Morty wares. These unique looking Mortys will surely throw you off your game, Rick.1st
  • Post-battle: You had better not damage them, Rick. They are worth more than you can afford!

  • 2nd Pre-battle: I love a Morty in uniform. So handsome and charming.
  • 2nd Post-battle: Great, now I need to take all their uniforms to the cleaners.

  • 3rd Pre-battle: My Mortys are all based on 80's action movies! If they can't beat you, no Morty can!
  • 3rd Post-battle: They don't make Mortys like they used too. I guess there's a reason for that.
Pride Rick
Pride Rick
  • Pre-battle: I hope this isn’t going to hurt your ‘pride’ Rick. How is it that you can look just like me yet not be as beautiful? A shame. Well, let's see how we compare in the Morty department...
  • Post-battle: I couldn’t have lost, it’s impossible! I must have won somehow...
Lust Rick
Lust Rick
  • Pre-battle: Oooh Ricky, I can feel your LUST to be on top, but you’re going to have to come at me HARD if you’re gonna get ahead in this game.
  • Post-battle: Looks like you finished me off. You BEAT me Ricky, beat me good. Oooh.
Sloth Rick
Sloth Rick
  • Pre-battle: I’m, like, Sloth Rick and stuff. Get ready to whatever...
  • Post-battle: Are we done? I’m going to, like, lay down and stuff.
Wrath Rick
Wrath Rick
Envy Rick
Envy Rick
  • Pre-battle: A-All that is yours shall be mine Rick! MINE alone. I want it, give it to me! Nothing can stop the biting rage of envy!
  • Post-battle: All is lost... do not pity me, let me rest.
Gluttony Rick
Gluttony Rick
  • Post-battle: The sickening pain of defeat. Looks like I've bitten off more than I can chew.
Greed Rick
Greed Rick
  • Post-battle: CAN WE JUST, uh, PRETEND I WON?
Mr. Needful
Mr. Needful
  • Pre-battle: ENOUGH. FACE ME, RICK! Let us settle this once and for all, the time-honored way... By having others younger and more impressionable fight on our behalf.
  • Post-battle: I stand before you, defeated, but you can never REALLY beat me. I’m always there in the shadows, looking on, waiting for my chance to corup-


The following is a list of Non-playable characters.

Birdperson avatar
Birdperson automatically takes you to the Healing Center once all the Mortys in your party are dazed.
Surgeon Rick
Surgeon Rick
In charge of the Healing Center. Will automatically completely heal all HP and AP on all your party's Mortys.
Storage Rick
Storage Rick

In charge of the Morty Day Care where all Mortys you caught that can't fit in your party will go to. Also where you can combine your Mortys to "evolve" them.

In Campaign mode you can also send up to 20 idle Mortys to bootcamp to gain XP up while not in use.

Salesman Rick
Salesman Rick
Store to buy various items and where one can buy and choose custom avatars. Can also buy Blips and Chitz Coupons for real money in Campaign mode.
Lab Rick
Lab Rick

In charge of Morty Labs. You can select any Morty in your party to modify their available Attack.

Requires one Blips and Chitz Coupon in Campaign mode or one Rick Ticket in Multiplayer.

Investment Rick
Investment Rick

Located in front of the portal at the Citadel of Ricks. Invest schmeckles for bigger returns. Can invest up to three 100 schmekles at a time for a return of 150, 222, and 700 schmeckles.

  • Note: Available only in Campaign mode.
Morty Games Ricks
Morty Games Rick
They usher outside the entrance to the Morty Games.
Dirty Rick
Dirty Rick
Since one cannot use thier own Mortys or items in the Morty Games, Dirty Rick is willing to stash a few items near the arena for you for 1,000 schmeckles.
Organizer Rick
Morty Games Rick
Speak to him before entering an event at Morty Games to choose an event and available Mortys and items..
Token Rick
Morty Games Rick
After completing a Morty Game you win a Morty Token. Take the Token to the Prizes stand to receive a Morty not available in the Campaign's wild.
Mr. Jellybean
File:Mr. Jellybean.png
Creepily lurks in the bathroom at the Morty Games.
Ghost Rick
File:Ghost Rick.png
Haunts a bathroom staring at a photo left in the corner at the Morty Games.

Mr. Meeseeks
File:Mr. Meeseeks muliplayer.png

Stands near portals about once daily. Go to him to watch an ad to receive random items and Flurbos in the hundreds.

  • Note: Available in Multiplayer only.

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